23 May 2013

Philofaxy Chat Room

One of readers mentioned in her response to her Reader Under the Spotlight submission. 'Wouldn't it be great if there was a live chat room' in her answers. Her feature will be coming up in a few weeks time, so you haven't missed it!

So as always I had a look in to the idea of incorporating a chat room on the blog. There are several sites offering this type of service, some paying others offer free services.

Not knowing what sort of response it would get I've opted for a free service for now to just try it out to see how much use it will get.

You will find it on the 'Chat' tab in the page menu at the top of the screen.

To enter the chat room you need to enter your Nickname, I suggest you just use your first name or the username you comment with or similar. And that is it, you can then chat with the others logged in to the room at that time.

The people logged in show up in the menu at the right. You can type your message at the bottom of the screen.

Please be aware that this type of facility is not secure so do not use the chat room to exchange email addresses or personal details.

The chat room isn't monitored by myself 24 hours, but I will try to be around as much as is practically possible.

Leave a comments/feedback in the comments on the Chat page in the usual way please. If the system proves popular I might look in to alternative chat room hosting services to see if there is something better than the one we are currently using.

Happy chatting!

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