23 June 2006

Calamity Befalls Even the Righteous

Nan's pseudo-pornographic photograph of her iPod case and Philofax, both sexed-up in red leather and oriented in a position described on page 126 of the Kama Sutra, reawakened my longstanding desire to increase the amount of Filo-porn on this site.

Then, my basement flooded. And the lives that my wife and I lead shot back 20 years in technological sophistication. We don't have internet access at home. We don't even have cable. If it weren't for my laptop's DVD-viewing capabilities, we might have been forced to open books. Luckily, I recently purchased the box set of the British Office, and my wife and I have been able to sit up in bed and watch it.

(We are largely confined to our bedroom, because the remediation efforts in our basement involved large, noisy machines that must be left on constantly for a period of three to five days. No joke. I thought we could mop up, vacuum the carpet, and get on with our lives. No such luck. We're a thunderstorm away from having to tear down our house and live in a tent.)

(Also, my wife can barely move because she is 7.5 months pregnant. That seems relevant, but I'm not sure why.)

So if I want to post up some Filo-porn, I am limited to what I have already Flickr-ized. Here, look at this. It's an irresistible combination of cute, furry puppy and cute, leathery Filofax:



  1. DROOL.....

    (the dog's, I mean)

  2. Just to commiserate, our basement flooded (back on June 7, actually). We've decided to trash the rug and some of the furniture that's already been through a couple of "water events."