30 July 2008


Post-it + itis...get it?

I've noticed this trend for about a month or so. When I want to remember something, instead of writing it on one of the many beautiful lists in my Filofax--behind To Do, Ideas, and Lists tabs--I grab a Post-it note. Then I'll slap the note either on a diary page, behind one of the tabs, or (cringe) along the edge of my monitor.

OK, I've admitted the problem. And I've at least gathered up the Post-its and placed them behind the relevant tabs.

Now, it's time to take a look at why this is happening. It must be because, on some level, I'm losing trust in my system. Do I mistrust the lists because they're getting so long that I may not see everything on them? Because the things on the lists aren't getting done?

I haven't reviewed my lists in a while. I used to do it almost every day, like sitting down to chat with a friend. I think that's why this reluctance to add anything to them.

Time to get chummy with my Filo again. Hi, friend...


  1. Hi Inky,

    in my Filo-system, i use post it's i like it. i use it to write things down that i need to remember. if a new week begins, i just take the post its from the previous week en stick it to the next week.


  2. I use various Post-its too (Love 'em! Can't get enough of 'em!). It's more for quick reminders or a portable list though - some quick thing that needs to get done that day or a list for the store, something to do at work (I use a separate system for work since I don't have the kind of career where I take work home or the kind where I have tons of meetings or lead a team - my Filofax is devoted to my personal life although I do list meetings and days off and programs that I do at work, more like scheduling things from work, as well as lists of all kinds). And of course I use a variety of Post-its - colors, the regular sized squares, the smaller squares, designs, ones with photos on them, etc. Post-its are yet another obsession of mine that my husband doesn't understand... =) (You would think that not adding things for work would limit my use of the Filo, but not at all! I write down all of my daily to-dos in there, any household things, any reminders and list upon list upon list of things I want to get back to at a later date. I love it - couldn't live without it!)

  3. When I start using too many post-its it means that my system is starting to break down. I have to tweak some of my systems to get back on track again.

  4. I must confess:
    I am in love with your handwriting!

    oh, and I like Post Its, too. I use them the way lovely-rose does.