18 July 2008

Free for all Friday No. 7

TGIF. Thank Goodness It's Friday...Thank Goodness It's Filofax!

Time for you readers to speak your minds.

My A5 household Filofax had a little adventure this week, helping me get through a project. I needed to find an electrician and get some wiring fixed in our house. A page behind my Projects tab gave me a place to list the symptoms to report to the electrician, his name and phone number for next time, a list of problems he found (including those to be fixed in the future), and my notes on the work he did so I could explain the process to my husband later.

- Inky

1 comment:

  1. You know, this makes me think of what it means to be "organized." Really organization is just putting something in a logical place where you can easily access it again. When I read your post I thought, "Wow I wish I could be that organized." But really it's not that difficult, if I would just file things right away in a place where I consistently store information. My Filo is great for day to day stuff, but for information that I use less often I can't decide where to store it: Binder? File folders? Stacked randomly on my desk (where it usually ends up)? I guess I just need to decide on how I will store my info that I need to access less often, and then be consistent about putting it there.