10 July 2008

Free for all Friday No. 6

Well, here's something I never wanted to do -- let a week go by without a post!

I'm going out of town on short notice. It's going to be fun, but travel always means a lot of work. It seems like an equal and opposite amount of work to the amount of pleasure! The word "travel" comes from the French word for "work" -- "travail."

When I get back, I promise more posts next week, including some interesting purchases I made while gift shopping for the upcoming trip -- on which I'm leaving in 1/2 hour, so really must go now!

Talk amongst yourselves, especially if you have any tales of how your Filo has helped you plan or operate on a trip.


  1. I have discovered that I cannot live without my Filofax when I travel. From the planning stages to when I am on the trip, my Filo is absolutely essential. For packing, I start a list in my Filo days or weeks ahead and when I think of something I need to pack, I write it on my list. That way when packing time comes, I don't forget all those little things and then later wish I had packed them. I have already thought of it all, it's on my list. I also keep a list of logistics like accommodation, flights, car rental, etc. that I have reserved or need to reserve. I write the phone numbers and reservation numbers on the list too, so if I need to change a reservation I have the info right there. I also put maps in my Filo so that I can get around when I get there. And, I have a page with all of my frequent flyer miles numbers, hotel membership numbers, etc. We travel a lot so I keep all of this in its own section (Travel tab). Once we are on the road/ in the air/ on a different continent, I inevitably need loads of information that I never expected I needed (like our doctor/ dentists’ phone numbers, addresses of relatives, records of whatever, etc.) Luckily I have it all with me in my Filo! About a year and a half ago I took an international trip without my Filo, and it was a complete disaster! What was I thinking?? Now my policy is, "never leave home without it!"

    Have a great trip Inky!

  2. I don't travel much, especially by air. Most of the limited traveling we do is by car. Still, I plan and prepare with my Filo much in the same way, with lists and contact information. When I travel to visit family, everyone is always impressed with the information I keep with me - if we want to call an aunt we haven't seen in a while and no one has the number, that's where my Filo comes in handy! Since I use it on a daily basis, I couldn't leave home without it anytime, let alone for a trip.

  3. I always keep my travel info (confirmation numbers, etc.) in my Filofax. I know that info I need will be in my Filofax- one of the many reasons while it's an essential part of my life.