17 July 2008

Creative bookmaking

A reader, Silver Elixir, has graciously let me share the link to photos of her commonplace books made with A4 and A5 Filofax paper, A4 and A5 notebooks, and lever arch binders.

Did you know you can cut an A4 lever arch binder down to A5 size?

Have you thought about letting your imagination run wild with collages and words? Click here for inspiration!

Here's the link to Silver Elixir's photostream: Click here.


  1. Oh That is nice! i love it! Your costum made Filofax looks so bright

    All the happy words are making me happy. My Filo looks so boring.


  2. Thanks Rose. I found that the idea of decorating my didivers was a way to define the section it represented and and it also makes it fun to use. I have lots of magazines that I cut out words a picutres that appeal and I use some scrapbooking stickers and papers. I love my filo and I want to get into scrapbooking ( I have HEAPS of stuff!!) so I figured why not combine the two???

  3. i am going to try it. First on plane white paper. and if it turns out well i'm going to decorate my tabs. I want to use some pictures of me, my husband and my son.

  4. I couldn't find any A5 size dividers so I cut down some small tabbed A4 ones. This wored out well as I ended up with an extra divider. In the folder I made I have 14 dividers altogether - 2 layers of 7. (I have heaps of info I want to keep) I have used a photo of my son to decorate my divider that has ideas on parenting and family things to do. He was stoked when I showed it to him. :-)

  5. I will use the A5 dividers from Filofax.