04 July 2008

Free for All Friday No. 5

Although it's a new week, I'd like to take a moment to direct your attention to Laurie's comment on "Free for All Friday No. 3" about a fabulous bag she found that works perfectly for carrying her A5 Filofax.

Since picnic season is in full swing (especially in the U.S. and especially today!!), let's talk about how we carry our Filos around through all the places our work and play take us. For example, Laurie's REI shoulder bag comes from a sporting goods store and has lots of pockets to help segregate the Filo from the hazards of sunscreen, water bottles, and so on.

I know I choose my everyday handbags so they can carry a Personal Filo. And since I don't like big bags, I usually can't carry much else. I usually can't carry my digital camera, which kills me when I miss a photo op. I guess I need a smaller digicam.


  1. Hi all. I never have a problem with carrying my filo. To work I carry my laptop bag and a large handbag if I need my laptop, or another large bag that fits A4 documents. The filo is only one of many things I carry: a book to read on the train, an A4 writing pad, lunch and a water bottle, many papers and/or files. So I always have room for it. If I go shopping or to the movies or something like that, my filo stays at home and I only take out the shopping list.

  2. I also use my laptopbag or diaperbag, shoulderbag or in the basket of my stroller.

    most of the time my filo stays at home and i take out what i need.

    My 1,5 year old son has ripped out some pages :-( Het pulled it from te small table on the ground and ripped some pages out. that reminds me i need paper!

  3. In addition to my planner addiction, I also have a bag addiction. I have different bags for different seasons for different reasons (work, weekend, special events/evening, beach, etc). Usually when I buy a bag for anything other than special events/evening, I can put my personal Filo inside. For the special events/evening occasions, my mini domino works well. For that I just keep appointments and important phone numbers. It doesn't get used nearly as often as the personal size.

  4. I almost feel I have to inject some rough house perspective here. My best bag for now is an Animal branded clear/white plastic bag (we call them carrier bags). It is light and waterproof (important as the bike panniers aren't). My Filofax stays pristine and my ink doodlings haven't smeared.