03 April 2009

Free for All Friday No. 30

Hi everybody!

I'm back from a week on vacation. I have some new posting ideas, and thought I'd share my handwritten version of the packing list we've been talking about recently.

Yeah, this was just for one week.



  1. Welcome back Inky. There appears to be an 'h' too many in the image link to your list picture.

    I've discovered the reason for the two columns of check boxes. My late father in law, who I suspect was a Filofax user during WWII created his own holiday packing list in the late 1950's, which had the two check boxes per entry.

    The first column was used to indicate that he had gathered together each item that they were going to take on holiday.

    The second column was used to indicate that each item was packed.

    My wife created a similar list on the PC for our camping holidays in France and she followed suit with the two columns of check boxes and I didn't connect it until I saw the Filofax page that we have recreated.

    Sort of a circular story.


  2. Ooh, thanks for pointing that out, Steve! The image worked OK on my computer, so I didn't catch it. I've fixed it now.

    You can also use the 2nd column to indicate that the item is packed for your return.