17 April 2009

Free for All Friday No. 31

Talk about your Filofax...or talk about the weather! Whatever you like.

A commenter asked recently whether we can open up the discussion to other kinds of organizers, or planning in general. As far as I'm concerned, we've always been open to these topics!

Most of the time, I'd like to keep our focus on loose-leaf systems like Filofax as opposed to, say, M***skines, but that seems to be happening naturally. I've never had to ask anyone to change the subject.

So chatter away!



  1. I'd love to see posts about other organizers, just don't try to talk me out of using my Filofax!

    We all know who invented the personal organizer, it was Filofax. As far as I'm concerned they're the best, but I'd still like to listen to what others have to say.

  2. I always enjoy hearing how people use their planners as a life-planning tool. Goal setting and breaking down those goals into monthly, weekly and daily tasks is a favorite topic of mine. And, I love to hear how people work on the daily details while still keeping their eye on the big picture. Another topic I enjoy is juggling multiple roles: work, family, personal. I like to learn about ways I could use my planner more effectively to help in these areas. Anybody have any wisdom to pass along?

  3. Has anyone used the new "Family Organizer" pack yet? What are your thoughts...is it worth the money? Does it help?

  4. My Dad was one of those people who used a Filofax in the 50s. It's still going strong. I have a question: Does anyone know how it is possible to get a Filofax diary which is only sold in a foreign market? I really, really want the Russian/English diary, but it looks like Filofax only supply it within Russia. In our multi-cultural world you'd think there'd be profits in making it easier to obtain such rare items. Any ideas?

  5. Another of my re-creations.. An A5 Day planner, available here:


  6. While looking through the refills on the Filofax site I saw Work Planner templates. There were no detailed views, however. Has anyone got any information about them?


  7. Hi,

    i recently ordered an new Filo, a Jade Finchley. It was 40% off at the German Filofax-site.
    What a good offer :-)

    Greeting Jenny

  8. I thought about using a Filofax especially since there are so many different page and accessory options but I e-mailed the company and they said Filofax pages are not acid-free/ acid neutral. :(


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