11 June 2009

Filo Runner

After my recent format crisis, inspired by a vintage Day Runner I acquired, some folks have been asking me what I've done to cope.

I decided on a gradual approach. No need to spend extra time converting to a new format when it was really the Day Runner layout, not the size, that I was craving.

So, here's how I recreated Day Runner in an A5 Filofax (the same Black Finsbury I've been using for work for 3 years now):

1. Put monthly calendar (Filofax Month on 2 Pages) behind a top tab at front of binder. (I figured out a way to create top tabs. Pictures to come!)

2. Follow with 2-3 months of 1-day-per-page diary.

3. Top Memo-ry tab. Use Filofax To-Do pages to hold ideas and maybe-dos.

4. Create an index page for info stored behind A-Z tabs.

5. Create Sources page for use behind A-Z tabs. (There will be both address pages and source pages behind each A-Z tab.)

6. Other tabs: One tab for each of 4 work projects I'm working on, plus Projects and Notes, using Filofax 6-blank tab set.

Each of the work project tabs contains a running list of to-do pages, plus notes. Now that I'm using day-per-page, the individual tabs are seeing less use. I still feel I need a discrete section for each major project, though. This may change in the future.


  1. Sounds like an interesting set up. Look forward to seeing some pictures

  2. Inky thanks for sharing this with us! I am really curious to hear how your day-per-page is working for you.