23 June 2009

Welcome Steve

Philofaxy has a new team member!

In the time-honored Philofaxy tradition of admitting one needs help, I've asked longtime reader and Filofax enthusiast extraordinaire Steve Morton to join the team. To my delight, he accepted. Steve's writing is always interesting, and his posts will be appearing on these pages along with mine from now on.

Steve is the owner of the Filofax Yahoo group and maintains his own blog, which focuses on his interest in Filofaxes, photography, and high-tech gadgets.

Steve divides his time between his homes in the UK and France.

You'll be seeing his first post tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the great intro 'Inky'. In addition to all of the above, I also manage to work full time as a radio sprectrum manager for a UK government department. Not a very exciting role, but it keeps the brain active and it pays the bills!

    I hope you enjoy my own view point on the world Filofax and I look forward to your comments and feedback.


  2. interesting, welcome I look forward to reading many more blog postings you 2 are both very interesting to read. I am now using a iphone and a filofax, how to best merge the 2?

  3. Steve writes better than Inky, in my humble opinion.

  4. Welcome Steve!

  5. Welcome Steve! I will enjoy reading posts from both you AND Inky.

  6. This is great news - and I'll also enjoy reading posts from BOTH of you!

    Miss Charlie
    (who eight out of ten cats agree, writes better than anyone called Anonymous!)