12 June 2009

Free for All Friday No. 35

Thanks for your great ideas last time. Lots of our readers shared ideas on how they use their Filofaxes and WHY.

I especially wanted to call this link to your attention: Steve Morton's Filofax story in his own words.

If you shared your Filofax philosophy at length on Free for All Friday, No. 34, please let me know whether you'd mind letting me publish it here on the front page of the blog. So much of that stuff is too good to be hidden away!



  1. Does anyone use the Filofax A5 Family Calendar inserts? There are no samples provided on the site and I'm a bit apprehensive about purchasing both an A5 binder and the pages blindly..


  2. Hi Inky, you are always welcome to put any of my posts on the front page, if there is any interest.

    Thank you again for running this blog! I really enjoy it.

  3. And it's content for free also. You'll need to post even less frequently, Inky. Philofaxy 2009 = free for all fridays + your new idea. Original posts of some value? Not really...

  4. Don't worry, I've got some new posts planned. I hope you'll like them. Thanks for the gentle nudge. :)

  5. Biang Kerok.. the way I look at it, is that the Blog is becoming more community spirited, the sharing of ideas, pooling of resources. But all with a common interest in mind.

    I'm pleased that Inky if giving us the chance to 'take part'

    If you don't like it you are of course free to go and create your own blog on any subject you care to choose.

    Best regards

  6. No reason why anyone should really care-- but, after MANY years of using the Personal size, I finally switched to the A5. It's a Guildford Zip and I LOVE the leather.

  7. You love the leathery? How abiut the size? Isn't it way too large to carry around in your handbag?

  8. THIS IS UNRELATED TO FILOFAX but I'm desperate. Please forgive the intrusion.

    I'm having trouble finding the lyrics for "Still vie die Nacht" by Karl Bohm. It's crazy, isn't it?

    So, in searching for that, I came across your information and am hoping that you found those lyrics, after all!

    Please help!!!

    Thanks, Nan, for any direction you can give me!


    wannabecpa at gmail dot com

  9. Hi Rob -- I've emailed you these lyrics separately, but I'll put them here, too, for the curious:

    Still wie die Nacht
    tief wie das Meer
    soll deine Liebe sein
    Still wie die Nacht
    und tief wie das Meer
    soll deine Liebe deine Liebe sein

    Wenn du mich liebst
    so wie ich dich
    will ich dien eigen sein

    Heiss wie der Stahl
    und fest wie der Stein
    soll deine Liebe, deine Liebe sein

    Silent as night
    Deep as the sea
    Thy love should be for me
    Silent as night
    And deep as the sea
    Thy love should be, thy love should be for me

    Lovest thou me?
    So I love thee!
    I will be ever thine.

    True as steel
    Enduring as stone
    Thy love should be, thy love should be for me

  10. @ Laurie: You asked about the Filofax Urban. I own it and love it very much! It is sturdy but not stiff -- if you know what I mean. It lies flat without any problems and the canvas feels kinda soft. As I said: I really love it! :-)

  11. I love this blog. I agree with Steve that the new 'community' feel is great. It means that we can share ideas and thoughts much more readily and really help each other out.

    Thanks everyone!!

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  13. ML thank you very much for your feedback on the Urban! I still have my eye on this. I appreciate your description!

  14. I've just posted a short post on my blog about the FiloFax Focus Group.


    Are any of you members of the focus group?


  15. Hi Steve, yes I am on that list, I believe I would have joined sometime after Feb this year, when I really got into the groove with my new A5 Filofax.

    I'm pretty sure I may have attempted to register for it before, if it existed - being, y'know, a bit obsessed and all, but never received any mails about it until I registered that different address. But I wouldn't bank on that - though if I did, it must have appeared that the reg. worked, or I too would have contacted the site admins.

    So far I've had an offer of a trial of a Filofax with a "Travel Journal" pack, to keep in exchange for answering questions after a few months - it was for 20 people and done on a first come, first served basis (which seems pretty reasonable).

    Sadly I didn't pick up that e-mail for a few days and so missed the offer, although the trip I'd been planning at the time has now been postponed until at least next year, so c'est la vie!

    They did follow up with a 20% off voucher code (on sales over £20) for unsuccessful applicants though, and it's a VERY good thing you raised this topic and prompted me to look up the info, because I have a use in mind for it, and it expires on the 30th June!

    So in part because of things like that, I for one love the way this blog is open to info from other people, for the long and detailed comments, and the whole little community thing that's going on here - what a pleasure to find a nice little niche like this online.

  16. Laurie: I'm going to use your posts from "Free for All Friday No. 34," which will make a great guest blog post.

    Please email me at nanbarber@gmail.com. I have a question for you.