24 June 2009

Filofax on eBay, it pays to be patient

Well it took me a few attempts to get the right bargain for a Filofax Finsbury on eBay, but it was worth the wait. Some were selling for more than you could buy them for on normal mail order from a variety of UK office suppliers. So I limited my maximum bid each time. Wise advice from my son... it's easy to get carried away close to the auction deadline.

So I have added a new Finsbury to my collection, I paid £26 for it, this compares to £44 on the Filofax UK site.

Another bargain I bagged on the way was a Filofax pocket metal punch and pocket storage binder for a total price of £5.19 for the two items. The storage binder on the Filofax site is £8.50, the punch £26, so I was very pleased with those two.

So I now have a nice new black Finsbury with 2009 fill. I will be moving some of my pages from my old Winchester personal across in to the Finsbury, but at the moment I'm just enjoying it's newness!! I don't want to snap the cellophane wrapper on the pages just yet... well not until I've taken some photographs of it tomorrow when my camera will be back from having a sensor and mirror box clean.

So take a look at eBay for Filofax binders and accessories, but don't get carried away.

What bargains have you managed to bag on line?


  1. oh that is where I got my filofaxes for a great deal!! finchley personal retail 115$ US ebay was 49.99 and A5 classic retail 150$ US for 54.99 so after shipping customs it was like still like buy 1 get one free in Canada ;)

  2. I love ebay for collecting filofaxs. I have won several "Winchester" filos, one of which, a burgundy 7/8", I use daily.
    It's also a good place to bag a very good bargain & then sell at a profit to help pay for my addiction. A new Finsbury won for less than £10 & sold for £25 and similar story with a slimline Guildford.

  3. I hope I wasn't bidding against you Simon!


  4. @Steve
    I don't think so, the finsbury was bought several months ago.
    If you're interested, there's a Balmoral up there at the moment (Auction #320386048897). I bought one about two years ago & then sold it because it was too big; Something I've regretted ever since.

  5. I'm made up for you - I got a fantastic dream handbag once on e-Bay, took months of research (it was a Chanel 2.55, and fakes were a HUGE issue at the time) - it's so nice to get something you truly lust for at a great price, isn't it? ;)

    That takes me back to one time, I gave a much-loved binder I was replacing complete with all the new binder's filling, to a friend who mentioned she wanted one - she promptly told me she was flogging it on e-Bay, and I was quite upset!

    Not because I regretted losing the chance at profit myself, but because it had meant something to me for years, and I'd rather have given it to someone who would appreciate it, and not offload it asap.

    For that reason, if I ever retire any of my Filos, you can be sure they'll go to e-Bay, in the hope of finding a home where they'll be appreciated!

    Guess I'm funny like that... ;)