29 June 2009

Welcome Laurie

Philofaxy has another new team member!

Laurie, who has posted some of the most interesting and intelligent comments on this blog, has joined Philofaxy and will be contributing her own posts where they belong -- front and center.

Laurie is an American living overseas. She's been using Filofaxes for over a decade and has been reading and commenting on Philofaxy for almost 3 years now. She travels frequently and relies on her Filofaxes to contain the details of her ever-changing life.


  1. Welcome Laurie! I have always enjoyed reading your comments and now excitedly look forward to your posts!wh

  2. Thank you Inky and D! I am really excited to be a contributor to the blog. I am looking forward to some lively Filo discussions!

  3. Welcome to the team Laurie, great to have you on board..
    Steve (the other newbie!!)

  4. Thanks Steve! I think the 3 of us, with our varied backgrounds and experience, will have a lot to contribute to the blog.

  5. Welcome Laurie!

    That's good news, the more the merrier! :)