11 March 2010

Filofax 2010 Catalog now online!!

Now you can look at all the fantastic colors and styles of Filofaxes coming out this year! Click on this link to see the new catalog!

I'm pleased to see lots of pretty pinks and purples in the lineup. And it's not all geared toward the ladies, there are some very handsome new Filo styles for men too.

I'm very sad to see that my gorgeous Ivory Deco is no longer in the lineup!! Although I have been assured that it will still be available for awhile. There are some other colors of binders that have been replaced too. So if you've had your eye on a particular Filofax, you might want to hurry up and get it before your color or style of choice is no longer available!

What do you think of the new selections?



    I need to find out where to GET a new press stud for my 15 year old Canterbury.

    (Small S-Spring Press Studs F36 A/A

    These are the smallest press studs and are used on purses and Filofax. They are available with 10mm diameter caps. They are made from steel and are available nickel plated, brass plated or black caps with nickel plated underparts.)

    -What company makes Filofax?
    -How can I contact this manufacturer?

    I'm getting rather annoyed at the fact that there are allot of experts here at this blog with an indepth knowledge of the Filofax company BUT to date know one has answered any of my posts seriously...
    ...and NO I don't want to buy a new Filofax as I'm quite happy with my original purchase.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where Filofaxes are made and the company that makes them.

    So I can contact the manufacturer and purchase a new press stud so that I can get my Filofax repaired.

    How hard can this BE !


  2. I feel disappointed. My Eton is history from now, but I agree than leather is too soft for daily use and Eton isn't best chose.
    Anyway I use my filo for business and I would like to get some classical (Winchester) model with best leather and gold rings as well :) This model should be expensive and prestige.

  3. The new line is to say the least courageous!

    British designers are the only people who truly understand luxury.


    PS: my choice is/was the 'Eton' of course.

  4. My pocket Siena is gorgeous. But the width is shorter than my pocket Butterfly and the refills stick out a bit. Would soft leather expand in time?

  5. Oooo..i like Malden in red!

  6. I was thinking the Malden looks nice too!

  7. Schermann ... I have no idea who makes the binders for Filofax, but I have replaced press studs on a couple of vintage ones. I brought them to a shoe repair specialist and they sourced the studs and did the work. I'm not sure whether the specific stud you've cited could be sourced this way, but it's worth a try.

    As far as the new catalog goes, it's been a long time since Filofax released anything interesting, but there are a couple of new binders I wouldn't mind seeing in person. The Cuban slimline in chestnut might be a good replacement for the fantastic tan Sandhurst slimline my wife took from me. (Although I'm not sure about the interior, as the personal size in the catalog seems to have some kind of fabric interior instead of leather. And I agree that the Malden looks good.

    I do wish they'd offer something in bridle leather and make some of the classic designs available again. It's always a little baffling to me how many tan vintage binders I have and how few decent options in that color (in good leather) exist.

  8. Schermann,

    Filofax is made BY Filofax. They are the manufacturer. Filofax binders used to be made in England but now they are made in China.

    Have you contacted Filofax to ask where you can get press studs?

    You can contact Filofax via their website: www.filofax.com, then use the pull-down menu to select your country.

  9. Dilaila-
    I have an older Siena pocket and the tabs still stick out ever so slightly. I put a mathching pen and pencil in each of the loops so this eliminates the problem.

  10. 80% of it is for women. Men don't have chioce anymore. Sometimes I'd like to buy a new filofax. But I think I will stay with my good old personal black bridle for many years to come.

  11. Savannah,
    thanks for the tip! Will certainly try that.

    I just realised Filofax US never bothered replying my email from months back.

    Does Filofax UK deliver internationally, does anyone know?

  12. Yes they do, check out this page:


    Buy via the Filofax links on Philofaxy and help to support the site... thanks

  13. HP Fuchs: You're right, the catalog is genuinely very girly. But that's not anything new. Even Franklin-Covey's binders for men seem to be targeted towards executives who have never gotten dirt under their fingernails.

    I'd love to see a binder that was targeted for construction works and mechanics. I know Rite-In-The-Rain has a binder, but it's nylon and plastic and it just doesn't 'click' with me.

    My dream binder would be something made of water proof duck canvas with leather corner protectors.

    And very large rings.

  14. does anyone know when these will be available? I will be visiting London at the end of March and it would be very cool if I could take a look at the new colours and binders there in one of the shops. There are some nice new options, especially the finchley in purple! I have been eyeing the fincley for some time, and this might pull me over.


  15. JJ: I love your dream Filo, and I'm a girl. Even for me, some of the designs in the catalogue are too girly... the first one in my wishlist is actually the Bond and then the Eton. I also find the Scanda irresistible, too bad it's only available in the Personal size...

  16. Paulien: I was there a few weeks ago and these are some of the new ones I remember seeing:
    -Domino in slate and in lavender (simply gorgeous!)
    -the Chameleon
    -the black Classic stitched in red
    -the Metropol
    -the Finsbury in Aqua
    -the Finchley in purple
    -the Mode in pastel colours

    I hope this helps.:)

  17. Thanks Steve! Will certainly support Philofaxy on my next purchase. Cheers.

  18. JJ: I love your idea for a sturdy Filofax that can withstand harsh conditions!! I'm a geologist and I travel often, and a Filofax that could stand up to use like that would be very useful to a lot of people!

    PLEASE if you are on Facebook, please post your Filofax idea on Filofax's wall. There is a contest going on right now through the 22nd (date extended thanks to Oni's request!) to submit your designs for your dream Filofax--the prize is a Filofax!

    So please submit your design, and maybe this time next year we can all be enjoying an oilcloth and leather Filofax!!! :D

  19. Like the Ranger? Wish they would bring that back

  20. There's a Ranger on Ebay right now.

  21. Glad I bought an Urban last year, seems it's discontinued - at least in UK, that is. The German catalogue isn't published yet.
    As for the new ones, I'm very excited about the Metropol in Raspberry.
    I had been considering buying an Indie, as well... so I guess I better get one as long as they're still in stock.

  22. Schermann: My daughter went to a leather shop in Camden and they put a new press-stud onto my A5. It doesn't look the same as the previous but my papers don't fall out anymore!

    paulien: I was in the Neal Street Filofax shop yesterday buying papers (noted 2011 diary refills already available!) and saw an amazing range of organisers. The sales assistant gave me a copy of the new catalogue. She said they were lucky to have some of the new organisers in stock before the launch. She kindly marked the new ones available in the shop.

    Adelphi in A5 seems ideal as it has a smaller ring set. The sales assistant put the different papers into the display one so I could see what it would be like. The only thing is I don't like the leather. If it were the Finchley I wouldn't have any reservations.
    I felt bad not buying it after the assistant had gone to so much trouble but she was so kind and understanding (even offered to send things out if I couldn't visit) Excellent customer service that I've not experience for some time.

  23. Laurie: Thanks, actually the Sketch (and the Graphic before it) is sort of what I have in mind except they use "man-made" materials.

    And while I'm wishing, I'll add one more criteria: it must lay flat.

  24. Laurie said...

    Schermann, Filofax is made BY Filofax. Sorry but they don't! Filofax is a brand marketing company that buys in designs to specification from multiple suppliers. What I'm asking is due you actually know of any such supplier/manufacturer? Because Filofax UK front man Val Abrahams sure ain't got the foggiest!

    He didn't return my further request for a supplier 'cause all they're interested is in sales, sales, sales!

    That's always going to be a bit of a problem when you make a quality item!

    The Eton on the Aussie Filofax website is $600, who are they kidding!


    Dear Mr Schermann

    Thank you for your email. I am afraid we do not have a repairs facility to enable me to offer you parts on your Personal Canterbury organiser. As your organiser is 14 years old we will not hold any samples of this line now.

    You could try your local leather repairers who maybe able to help with making a strap for you.

    Kind regards


    Val Abrahams
    Sales Administrator, Filofax UK

    DL: 01444 238169
    T: 01444 238100
    E: vabrahams@filofax.co.uk
    W: www.filofax.co.uk

    Filofax UK 3 Victoria Gardens Burgess Hill West Sussex England RH15 9NB


    I fixed my strap with surgical superglue and that will last another decade.

    Thank Filofax, luv your old stuff, hate your serve and I cringe at your new BLING designs!


  25. I like the new catalog but prefer their old (classic) stuff.

  26. Alas Filofax, I knew you well. Back in the day, with well-crafted leathers made in England, Italy, USA. Now they are made in Chung Kuo, like the rest of the Chinese junk (pun intended) fouling our shores and shelves. I will not buy a new Filofax on principle--the resentment of the blaggards making them comes through in the quality, or lack thereof to be specific. Chronoplan, anyone?

    1. Don't blame the Chinese for this...blame the owners of companies who choose to take manufacturing abroad.


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