10 March 2010

Filofax Amethyst Deco!!

Here is a pic (from the Filofax Facebook page) of the new Filofax Deco in Amethyst coming out later this year!! Wow it's gorgeous!

Please allow me to apologize for cross-posting the same thing on Philofaxy and Plannerisms, but this is something I wanted everyone to see! As you might imagine, I am very excited about it!

Check out some of the other new Filofax products coming out in the background of Filofax_UK on Twitter. (Slimline Deco! Songbirds organizers! Awesome new bags!)

Great new Filofax products coming out!

And don't forget, you still have time to submit your idea for your Perfect Filofax on the Filofax Facebook wall for a chance to win a Filofax!


  1. I absolutely love this filofax! I had a twitter convo with them and asked if there was going to be any purple additions this year.

    I want it!

    Not due out until end of May though, wonder what else new they have :-)

  2. I want classical filofax, get back winchester !!!

  3. It's awful!

    GlowMesh would be nicer!

    What were you thinking!

  4. Just spotted this post. I was thinking about treating myself to a Deco, and was wondering which colour... then I saw this! I want a purple one! I have never seen this colour online or in the shops though, was it ever released?

  5. Nellie, the Amethyst Deco's release was delayed due to production issues. I've heard from Filofax USA that it will be released next month, so I'm assuming Filofax UK will release it about the same time. I would love to see one of these in person!

  6. Thanks Laurie,

    I was in town yesterday and saw the red deco. It is beautiful. I managed to control myself... just!


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