31 March 2010

Franklin Covey planner inserts in Personal Filofax

My much-anticipated Franklin Covey planner inserts arrived a couple of days ago! I got the Compact size pages to fit into my Personal size Deco Filofax.

I bought the Cornerstone weekly layout, with the days as columns. I can't seem to function without days as columns, and on the Filofax US and UK websites this format is not available in the Personal size. This weekly format includes monthly tabs with the month calendar's days as blocks to write in.

Another reason I bought the FC pages in particular is that the back sides of the weekly pages are lined for notes, unlike the Filofax pages on which the diary is printed back to back. Having the lined space on the backsides of the weekly pages allows me to keep my weekly to-do lists with the corresponding week, instead of separately elsewhere in my diary (or in the middle of the week obstructing my view). Another advantage is that monthly tabs can go between the weeks.

As has been detailed on Philofaxy, the FC Compact size pages are wider than the Filofax Personal size pages, but still fit in the Personal size Filofax binders. Because the diary is not printed back to back, an entire year of the FC diary insert is about twice as thick as the Filofax diary year.

The Franklin Covey system is very structured, and the weekly task lists have columns to designate Priority (ABC) and Action (with symbols given to indicate Completed, Delegated, In Process etc.). There is also a page of Planner Hints and Helps with ideas to help you use your planner more effectively. Another page that I really like is a list of holidays and significant dates for the next 6 years! Very useful.

So for those of us who love the portability of the Personal size binder, but want the days-as-columns format with space for notes on the backs of the pages, this is an excellent option.


  1. I've always liked the ABC/123 system of prioritizing tasks. It's not original to FC (I saw in first in Alan Lakein's book How To Get Control Of Your Time in the 1970's), but they have certainly made it a cornerstone of their system.

    The Filofax To-Do form is sadly weak in comparison. I do not need a checkbox, I need room for a two-level priority system, due dates and sometimes start dates or lead times.

    Which brings me to an item high on wish list: 3 and 4 column ledger sheets. I use the 'Birthday/Anniversary' form a a two column ledger, but a couple more columns would be ideal.

    - - -

    For those not familiar with the ABC/123 system:
    You dump all your tasks in no order into a list.
    Then you mark all the MUST DO's as A's, the SHOULD DO's as B's and everything else is a C.

    Then you go back and assign a number (in order of importance) to each A, B and C. A-1 gets done before A-2, all A's get done before the B's. C's may or may not get done ever.
    (But you still number them for some reason.)

  2. Great article, I have also used my day planner by FranklinCovey a lot. There is some GREAT software by FranklinCovey. Personally I am starting to like the software more then the paper day planner because it is so much easier to carry, and I always have my phone on me, so I always have my day planner with me. Check it out at http://www.franklincoveysoftware.com.

  3. I'm curious about your fc-filo experiment cuz I did the same thing a few years ago! I inserted the pretty fc blooms pages into my vintage blk calf filo and loved it for a while. Problem for me is that compact/personal is too small since I tend to write bigger. So, right now, I've been using the fc classic size pages with great deal of success. But... I love the filo binders, so much chicer. I am planning on taking my filo a5 to a leather repair store to see if they can replace the filo rings with the rings from my fc binder. Then I will have the best of both worlds!

  4. Hello, do the FC inserts fit inside a Filo Personal/Compact size well enough that they don't bother the sides or ...do they fit uncomfortably? I want to get some.

    1. It depends on the Filofax. In most Filofax personal and compact sizes, the sides and tabs stick out. But in the Malden they fit better.