20 March 2010

Filofax and iPods

Could this be the ultimate combination... a Filofax that has an iPod built in or has a 'holder' for an iPod.

I use my iPod virtually every day about as much as I use my Filofax I suppose, I don't use my iPod for contacts and calendars although I know it has that capability. But I wonder is there a 'holder' that can take say an iPod nano or iPod Touch that could clip in to a Filofax organiser?

This idea was prompted by this article on Cnet from 2006:

Why has Apple turned the iPod into a Filofax?

So do you use both?



  1. I have an iPhone. I use it for my contacts because I am young and my friends' addresses and phone numbers change often. This way my contacts are also backed up on my mac. For everything else, I use my filo.

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  3. My ipod nano stays in the car, connected to the car stereo. Only the filo goes everywhere with me. I would love to have a Filo that can fit in a mobile phone. I tried the full width pocket on the Siena. It can fit in my phone but I feel daft carrying it that way.

  4. I also have an iPhone (and an iPod 4G, iPod nano 1G, and an iPod shuffle 1G).

    The one thing that the iPhone does that paper simply cannot do is communicate. As I also have an aversion to re-writing contact pages and/or crossing out contact info, all of my contacts reside in my iPhone, where they can be used to send emails, SMSs, or make phone calls with a single touch, and be updated without mess.

    I'm also a technology consultant, so multiple computers are a daily part of my existence. All of this contact information is synced via iTunes to my Mac OS X Address Book, which is available to my email client (Thunderbird), which is synced to my GMail contact database via the Zindus plug-in for Thunderbird.

    Appointments, however, as I've written before, tend to be kept in my Filofax, since I rarely if ever have more than one or two items per day. That said, I do occasionally make calendar entries on my computers using the Lightning plug-in for Thunderbird, which also gets synced to Google Calendar, and is thus available on my iPhone via CalDAV.

    One day, Google will get around to documenting the Tasks part of Google Calendar, and Mozilla will add support for task syncing to Google Calendar. Still, I use my Filofax for Tasks, anyway, so I'm not too worried about this.

    These days, I'm using Thunderbird and Lightning rather than iCal and Mail.app, because I've recently acquired an hp Mini netbook, on which I run Linux, and I find it helpful to keep a consistent interface across all platforms (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows). I've also settled on Google's GMail and Calendar mainly because I find it bothersome these days to maintain my own private servers.

    I'm an independent consultant, but if I had to work in conjunction with others in more of a team environment where scheduling is a bigger part of my planning needs rather than simple calendaring, I'd probably drop all C&S functions from my Filofax, as well.

    That would free up even more space in my Filofax for it's most important usage for me, as a journal and notebook. The other important usage of my Filofax is as an organizer for my stamps, checkbook, and any other business supplies that involve paper or other physical objects of that sort.

  5. I use my phone for contacts, birthdays, gmail & reading blogs when I'm on the move. That's about it really. Oh, and for making calls and text messages, obviously. I don't even use the camera.

  6. I have an iPod touch and an iPhone (until today as I have sent it for recycling and some spare cash) which I use for my music and internet.

    The filo has everything else, diary, contacts, appointments everything. I couldn't do without it, whereas my iPod I can take or leave.

    Communication wise I have a BlackBerry which I love to death but won't use as a diary.

  7. I've seen several (non-Filofax) brands of binders/ folios (Most notably Rickshaw Bagworks' Moleskine folio) that have a pocket especially for your smartphone. I think it's a great idea because many people use both.

  8. I too use my iPhone and planner in conjunction. I used to painstakingly copy contact information over and over, and while it was a cool ritual, when the info changed too much it just became bothersome. So I keep my contacts in my phone and everything else in my planner.

    I have seen other brands that incorporate a smartphone pocket or velcro attachment, but would LOVE to see Filofax come out with one!

    Come on...you know I'd buy it ; )


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