26 March 2010

Free For All Friday No. 71

Well it's almost Easter, time for a break and for us to enjoy Spring or Autumn, depending where you are of course...

So do you ever look back in your diary/journal from last year or further back to see what you were doing this time last year/that year?

This time last year Easter had happened, but I was still in France on holiday. We have a house over there and by the time you get to read this I will be there again.. so this is being written before we depart! I shall be busy doing odd jobs, tidying up the garden.

My Filofax travels with me of course, it is essential in helping me on my trips to France. I use it to note things to order or take back to UK with me. As well as for making notes for updates to the three websites I maintain over there.

So let's hear from what you are up to and as always thank you all for your comments and suggestions, the volume of them has been fantastic of late, keep up the excellent contributions.  Thanks also for all your votes, very encouraging.

A beintôt



  1. Does anyone know if/when the newest filofaxes (especially the slate and lavender dominos) will be available in the States? I'm trying to decide whether to place a UK order.


  2. I think you may have already discussed this in aprevious post but I wanted to make it gender specific.
    I just ordered a "Korchmar" hardsided briefcase for work. Expensive but worth it since I have so many dollars tied up in Filos. What do the you carry your Filo or planner in?

  3. I'm anxiously awaiting my first filofax - a Scanda. I ordered it on Sunday, March 21, and on Monday I got an email saying they would let me know when it was in stock. I'm in Canada so I guess I'll have to be patient for my filofax, I looked around on their site and they say 12 - 24 business days to ship Canadian orders.

    Does anyone have a Scanda? How do you like it? Does it lay flat when opened? Does the belt like closure work well to keep it closed? It looks as if it could slide open quite easily.

    Anyway - I'm excited to join the filofax ranks, though I'm a little sad to leave Time/Design. They have great products too, that I've enjoyed for the last 3 years. I mainly wanted more room than the Time/Design Compact allowed, and some nicer binder design choices. The Filofax personal pages are about half an inch wider than the T/D ones, and the rings are a bit bigger to hold more paper. And the binder designs ...! Lots of choice. It also helps that shipping to Canada is cheap!

  4. Steve-Yes, I look back on past years as I'm starting to save all of my past Filofax pages so I canlook back. I've also started using stickers for holidays (such as Easter coming up) because the pages are kind of plain, the holiday stickers add a nice flair. Happy Friday everyone!

  5. Plaiditude... Scanda does open flat and the leather feels great. It's the one I'm looking at but can't justify it(though may suggest the children buy it for me for Father's Day) The Malden stays open and that's a new leather.

    My eye's also been on the Kendal. The organiser doesn't stay flat but the waxy leather is so lovely. I bought one for my wife about a year and a half ago and the leather's changed colour with a better feel to it.

  6. I have the Scanda (black) and can confirm the 'belt' does the job keeping it closed.
    Have to use my one hand to keep the belt out of the way when writing on the rightside. It is only a few months old so this may change.

  7. Arnold,
    Sounds great. Any chance you could post some pics of your Scanda on flickr or somewhere? I think the Scanda is fairly new, I can't find any pics of it other than the couple on the filofax website. Is it possible to put a paper pad in the back? The description on the filofax website isn't very clear and there is no picture of the right side of the binder.

  8. The Scanda does not allow for paper in the rightside of the binder. It has an envelope for slips and other small odds & ends. Similar to the leftside without the card slots.

    Sorry no digital camera etc.


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