19 March 2010

Free For All Friday No. 70

Tomorrow is the vernal equinox, when day and night are each 12 hours long. Spring is well on the way here, what about where you are?

And as always, feel free to talk about anything and everything Filofax!


  1. My Cuban Zip Filofax in size "personal" arrived yesterday. He is sooooo beautiful.
    Sorry, but I just had to write again;)

  2. Just won a Duo pocket on Ebay. One of those purchases where I just bid the minimum and got lucky.

    Nice minimalist binder, just a ring mechanism attached to a sheet of rubber that folds over as the cover. A Moleskine-style elastic acts as the closure.

  3. I am just glad that we are on our way to "summer" - we've had an inkling of Spring and it's encouraged me in a strange sort of way...

  4. I have a question?
    How many men carry a Filofax?
    If you go to the Filo USA website, what's the first advertisment you see? Two women, right?
    The cartoon like picture is of two women walking together. Does that mean Filo is more geared toward women than men? Is that why more women than men lean toward Filo and FC sells to more men. I looking for answers from my friends please.

  5. I have a question, too. What do you guys do with your outdated filofax calendars and papers that you know you are NEVER actually going to use? I recycled some recently and felt really guilty... those little papers are expensive! But I don't know anyone else who uses a filofax...

  6. We have already noted that there are almost no opportunities to interact in German about the great Filofax.
    Now I am thinking seriously considering to open a German Filofax blog (OK, I've already decided to do so;)). But I still lack a "Blog Name". It should be relatively short, because it indeed appears in the web address. Whether it is German or English, does not matter.
    I've written with Steve already on Twitter, but the perfect idea don't came to us yet.

    Do you have suggestions?

    I have itching fingers to write, but first I need to hold a name.
    I thank Steve and you very much in advance!

  7. forgot to give here the information that we have found a name: Filomaniac is:) The blog already opened:)


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