15 April 2012

Notes Pages - Guest Post - Jane (Butanben)

Thank you to Jane for this post, it is a great example of taking one of our existing templates and adapting it to your own needs, we fully support this sort of thing. 

Whilst looking for colourful masking tapes to divide up my filofax notes pages, I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the cost of these, pretty though they are. The tapes also seemed to be quite thin.

Then I had a brainwave! Why didn't I use Steve's squared graph paper to design my own pretty page dividers, using my computer's paint and fill tool.

And hey presto! Some pretty note pages, with divided sections,and without the expense of masking tape, or indeed the worry of sticking it on in a straight enough line.

Here are just a few of my samples.

I am sure that you can think of many more and can be extremely inventive in your designs.

Those of you who sew patchwork quilts will be able to design some fabulous 'tape type' dividers I am sure.

The uses are endless too:
  • Work to dos and Home to dos, 
  • Shopping food and Shopping family, 
  • Travel out and Travel return,  
  • Books read and Books to read, 
  • @Computer and @Phone calls, and so on. 
Of course the pages can also be divided into 3 or 4 sections, using smaller strips, and some of you may wish to add horizontal strips to divide your notes up that way.

I  have used only the first page of Steve's Philofaxy A5 Graph Paper here- (see files section,) as the first page has a handy labelling box at the top.

Enjoy designing your own tape dividers! I hope this proves to be useful to some of my fellow Philofaxers.

Thank you Jane


  1. Cool!!! They look lovely :o) I keep thinking about printing coloured inserts for my FF (the Erin Condren planner got me thinking...), but haven't got round to doing anything about it yet...

  2. So clever!

    If you ever do get an inkling for affordable decorative tape, Target here sells them for $4 USD/pack of 4 rolls. Be happy to send some. :)

  3. I never would have thought of doing this! Great idea!

  4. Thank you! I am glad you think it is a great idea. I am using one of these pages with one half for this week's to dos and the other for next week's to dos at the moment. I enjoy seeing colour in my Filofaxes too, so it does allow for my creative side to emerge. I can individualise my Filofax a bit, without the expense of tapes.

  5. I'd been looking at those tapes too & not bought any due to their cost.
    That's a great idea & thanks for sharing!

  6. Sandra, that is such a kind offer of yours. Thank you for that thought my friend. Apart from Paper Chase, the stationery choice in the UK is not that marvellous. Anita, so pleased you found the idea useful. xx

  7. lovely, and inventive idea, thank you for sharing :))
    BTW have not forgotten your today page marker, just need your address to send it to you. email jokima (at) wanadoo dot fr
    I am assuming you want A5 , but can also do you a personal if you use this size.
    Kind regards to all, Nikki X

  8. Nikki, what a lovely offer!! Thank you. I'll e. mail you my address.