21 April 2012

Web Finds - 21 April 2012

So once again we have been scouring the interwebs for those illusive posts about Filofax....
And coming soon... 2013 inserts from Ray and yours truly! Out next week....



  1. I'm hoping my boys will go upstairs and play with their lego soon so I can read the web finds in peace.

    This is my 'me time' every week - not usually in peace, but nearly :o)

    Thanks Steve

  2. I love web finds so much it's actually a bit embarrassing. On Friday night I go to bed thinking yay! web finds in the morning. I let myself read 3 posts before taking my daughter swimming then read the rest after I have done a bit of housework- it's my reward..

  3. Thanks Steve. Another great collection as usual!

  4. Like the others, I save this spot in the week as me time. I even diary it in as the Philofaxy magazine spot!!! Better than Hello or Woman and Home any time!! Thanks Steve. One of my favourite times of the week.