29 April 2012

Filofax Address Book Software - New Version...

As you might recall I've been using this software for a little while now. I finally got to grips with it last year to keep my contacts pages up to date in my A5 Filofax.

At that point I didn't alter too many settings. However a few people have commented about how small the writing is on my contact pages and I have to admit it's not easy to read some days.  So I thought I would look in to the settings.

One thing I noticed straight away was my pages were set to 9 contacts per page, this would be ok on an A4 page, but on A5 I think 7 or even 6 per page would be better. So the software has the option of changing the number of contacts per page, but if I changed it from the default value, whilst it made the text bigger and the number of contacts 'on' the page changed, the excess sort of over flowed beyond the page, which was a bit odd.

I checked what version of the software I was using and it was version 4.762, I then emailed Filofax UK to see if there was an update or if they knew what the fix was for this problem.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a reply within a couple of days thanking me for reporting this issue. A new version is out which cures this problem and a few others.

To get the updated version of the software you just log in to your account on Filofax UK and click on the link to download the software again.  Make sure the software isn't running, then reinstall it. It will install the new version over the top of the old version. But it preserves your data files, I store these in Dropbox anyway now to make sure I have a back up.

Starting the new version and checking what version it was (Help, About) it is now up to version 4.802 and then checking to see what happened when I changed the number of contacts on the page. Bingo the issue has gone and I'm now able to reprint my contact pages a bit bigger!

Before I do though I want to run through them and make sure I have added in all the hand written ones out of my organisers.

Sadly Filofax are no longer able to support this software, you can download version 4.802 here


  1. I still love the software online. It's a database. At this point, though, I wish I knew how to translate it or merge the data in Filofax into another program or app.

  2. Hi
    Do you know if you can export your on-line data in to something like a text file or similar?

    I've been able to export my own address list from Apple contacts. Import that in to Excel, with each field being a column and each row being a record.

    I then created a simple document in Work and used mail merge to merge the Excel file in to Word and then tidy it up a bit after that in Word.

    I might post about this but it is a bit involved and techie for some I guess.