14 April 2012

Web Finds - 14 April 2012

We love discovering new Filofax blogs... or blogs that contain Filofax content to share with you. I'm sure some of the blog writers don't notice that we have featured them on Webfinds... although I'm sure if they took a look at their stats, they would see an increase in their visitors!

So if you are visiting a blog for the first time and you like the post, pop in a comment and mention you saw the post mentioned on Philofaxy.
Can I give a shout out to two of our readers who are fund raising for Cancer Research UK. Alison and Sharon are both doing their own 'Race for Life' in June (different dates). Click on the links and give your support to them if you haven't done so already.

Another hectic travelling week for me, so I apologise in advance if I've missed any bodies posts out...



  1. It appears people have been reading my mind. I have been wondering about GTD and finding out some more information about it... and here are some lovely blogs with some great ideas to get me started! Fab!

  2. Oh I've certainly noticed an increase in my stats today - thanks very much!

  3. Thank you Steve for posting my blog here. It is immensely appreciated.

  4. The link for...

    "Filofax A5 lined paper - a better or cheaper alternative - My Life All in One Place "

    .... goes to the previous Imysworld post.