26 August 2010

Free for All Friday No. 93

It's the time of year for back-to-school, last-minute vacations, closing down summer homes, and other life changes.

What role does your Filofax play in your transition to autumn? Are you buying a new organizer or refills?


  1. I am actually buying new refills. I've noticed that I need to write smaller and smaller to fit everything onto the WOTP layout, so I've ordered some DPP pages to try out. Unfortunately, the variety I fancy (made by DaVinci in Japan) is only available for 2011 now, the current year is all sold out. So, I ordered the 2011 refills as well as undated DPP sheets in the hopes that they'll get me through the next three months (the 2011 pages start in December). They should be arriving on Saturday, so I'll post photos to the flickr group soon.

  2. Well having gone from Personal Slimline to Pocket for my carry around organiser, I'm now looking in to going from A5 to Personal for my journal. I'm trialling it out at the moment. But I've not reached any conclusions as yet. I'm giving it a few weeks before I do my refill order!


  3. I did indeed buy a new organiser... a Personal Classic in Chocolate for 60 Euro (German retail price is 119 Euro!) That's the first time I bought a "secondhand" Filo: One of our readers over at Filomaniac wanted to sell hers which she had bought in July but never used, because didn't like its "stiffness".
    Now I'm looking for a new bag to match the dark brown colour...

  4. I did both...picked up a new Malden personal and also decided to try out Day on 2 Pages for 2011 so that I can do my scheduling on one page & keep my journal on the other.

    I have done this before with success but then panicked that if I lost my planner I would lose my journal too and split them.

    With all that will be going on for me in 2011, I decided that I want my journal with me 24/7 just like my planner...so back to the 2PPD format I will go.

  5. Our beloved Oni somehow managed to find a personal size Urban in Slate, the Filofax that has been the object of my lust for a long time! She is going to mail it to me as soon as I get my bank account sorted out and can pay her back in pounds! Thank you Oni!!!!!

  6. A little off topic, but definatly worth a mention.....Paperchase are selling 2010 diary inserts for £1. I got a day to a page for the pocket and week to 2 pages cotton cream. Brilliant bargain.

  7. I've been having a big clear out, everything going on eBay this weekend! Amongst the paraphernalia are several Filofaxes and a plethora of different paper inserts, index tabs, accessories and a wooden storage box ( mostly A5 but some other sizes too).

    If you fancy picking some Filo-things up cheaply, check out my eBay items- my username on there is checkcheggers and I think you can find me through searching for my username. If you want any of the inserts and would rather not have to bid and wait, or want to get a selection of different things, drop me an email at francescamatthews[at]mac[dot]com.

    Thanks for letting me tout my wares Steve!

  8. Here's a link to the Ebay page



  9. Thansk Steve. For some reason, only a few of the items are showing at the moment, so here's the list of Filo products (other stuff on there too).

    Metropole Zipped A5 - black
    Finsbury Mini - brown
    Pocket Cross (now called Classic) - light blue
    Brown Wooden storage box + plastic indices

    A5 Business card holder x3
    Receipts envelopes - pack of 8
    A5 notepad x2
    A5 A-Z index
    A5 blank index
    A5 Address pages x2
    A5 digital paper
    A5 multicoloured lined notepaper
    A5 lined notepaper
    A5 Finances sheets
    A5 Todo list - Time Management
    A5 Todo list
    Day Timer sticky pads x4
    Day Timer Hot lists x4

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