17 January 2014

Free For All Friday No. 270

So some items of news for you... some of you I'm sure might have noticed that Filofax Germany has just been relaunched with their new website in a similar style to the UK Filofax site. I'm sure our readers in Germany will find it a big improvement over the old one.  

Before someone asks... the USA site will also be updated along with the others (France, Denmark etc) No dates as yet for the others but I will let you know when I hear.

Some news also about Philofaxy, I keep a running total of the number of visitors to the site over a 30 day period and we have just passed quite a significant landmark, with a 30 day total of over 100,000 visitors and over 300,000 page views in the same period.

A word of caution though. This time of year always brings in more visitors than usual, the numbers will start to drop back a little as we get in to February/March and then stabilise before they start to increase again towards the end of the year.

Four years ago a 30 day period was about 4500 visitors and about 8000 page views in 30 days, so quite an increase!!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support for Philofaxy.

Anyway, as it is Friday, you can of course discuss anything about Filofax or other makes of ring bound organisers. Have a great weekend.


  1. That's great news about the increased site traffic.....and gives the opportunity to yet again thank you and all those involved for the work you all put in on the site. I've been visiting the UK FF site over the past week or so, and it is indeed a vast improvement over the old version (although no substitute for a real shop staffed by human beings, but that's the way of the 'advanced' society we now seem to inhabit). I guess the new look will become de riguer across the entire FF 'empire' in due course.......

    In other news, the waters are slowly receding here in Somerset, so there's time to think about things *other* than whether we'll be able to get back into the village if we go out (Muchelney, which is just up the road, has been inaccessible by any means other than canoe or similar for a couple of weeks). This means we've been able to get to the gym, which I've been recording in my Filofax. I'm a bit of a one for number (no surprise there given my profession), so it's handy to be able to compare and sometimes contrast different sessions and times etc. I've run up a rudimentary insert for this purpose. Diary-wise, I've tried a few options early in 2014, but I'm in London next week so there will be the opportunity (temptation) to try a few more after that. I'm especially interested in the multiple-format ideas from last week's FFAF. Otherwise, it's FF business as usual. I did try slimming down the number of sections in the binder, but that was a short-lived disaster. Also experienced a brief attack of 'space envy' and *nearly* bought an A5, but then reminded myself of all the previous issues of portability and forced it to go away!

    Hope you're all having a productive start to 2014. It's tax return 'season' here, so my shoulder is to the wheel, nose to the grindstone and hand to the plough. All of which is a neat trick if you can do it......

  2. Really good news about the increased site traffic. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that paper is very much still with us, and I wonder whether people are increasingly rejecting the tyranny of The Device...

    @David - glad to hear you're no longer in danger of drowning. We're on the edge of Somerset, but lucky enough that our place is on the (very slight) crest between two enormous flood plains, so we've avoided the floods, although I am heartily fed up with being constantly rained on! Regarding your A5 portability issues, I wonder if you might consider something like my new Portobello (NOS from bouteia on eBay) - it's dramatically thinner and lighter than most A5s, having 19/20mm rings, and having slimmed things down to fit in it I'm very pleased with it. And on the tax return front... I'm the designated tax return person for me and my partner. Mine is already done, but L's is about 50% done and I need to pull my finger out. Not my favourite task of the year I can assure you!

    1. Hi Paul. I would still like to try an A5 again, but it would definitely have to be slimmer and lighter than current models.I have looked for a copy of the only slim A5 binders I know: Boston, Portobello and Executive, but haven't found one. Could you post some photos of yours, and let me know how much it weights if possible? I think its now the only way I could trial A5 again. Thanks. Paul

  3. Congratulations on the good figures Steve!

    1. That's the odd thing, I don't know quite what sort of figures we should be expecting to see for a blog these days. I know that Philofaxy outperforms any other site I've managed or created! A community site I started back in about 1996 for my local village in England which I still run keeps ticking over at roughly the same number of visitors each month. But Philofaxy over took it a few years ago!
      People seem fairly coy about their visitor numbers!

  4. If you're interested in my numbers, you can email me and let me know and I'll happily share. You were very gracious to share Philofaxy's numbers with me a while back and I appreciated it so much! It was very helpful information.

  5. I am using a newer, adapted A5 Time Management Ray and Steve diary this year.... a slimmed down version. Appointments printed back to back and to do tasks slotted in between.... 1 month's worth. I have used a WPP in a personal..... used as my GTD/projects/weekly review folder..... and on the WPP have diaried in any future annually repeating tasks..... just tasks, not appointments.... they go into the A5. Then I flick to that page when doingmy weekly review task planning. Also if I think of an upcoming task I jot it down on this futures page. Is saving space in my A5..... as realistically I only need to look 3-4 weeks ahead of time. My monthly section contains just a work appointments diary.... as that does need a forward overview. I like the freed up A5 space.... just not the toing and froing tasks system..... maybe I will get used to it in time?? Congratulations on the stats Steve.... both on Philofaxy and on losing weight and Fitbit!! xxxx