20 January 2014

Vet Visit and Pet Treatment Records

For those of you that have pets, you always need to keep fairly detailed records of when you visited the vet and what treatments you have given your pet each month to keep them in tip top health.

Thank you to one of our readers Fiona for providing the following printable files for A5 and Personal size for you to use in your Filofax organisers.

To print these out you need to print them on to A5 paper or Personal size paper. The hints and tips in this post will help you with doing this. 

Thank you Fiona for sending in this guest post. If you have a guest post you would like to submit, please contact philofaxy at gmail dot com


  1. Thank you Fiona, I use a filofax for pretty much every area of my life but didn't even consider going through the big jumble of vet documents I have in a file and keep a reminder of treatments. This will be really handy!