02 January 2014

Ring Capacity

What else do you do on a New Years Day with the wind and rain coming down outside.... Well some Philofaxing that is for sure...

So I grabbed a 'few' from my collection for a ring size measure... just to be sure, then a few packs of 100 sheets of plain white Filofax paper and then try each size of rings with different numbers of sheets.

You will find the results in the FAQ Page under 'R' for 'Rings' with a 'Capacity' column added:
 Ring Size  
 Organiser SizeCapacity (Sheets)
30 mm
A5, Personal Zip  
25 mm
A5 Clasp280
23 mm
Personal Clasp250
19 mm
15 mm
13 mm
Slimline, Mini120
11 mm
Slimline, Mini105
This is just paper only, no dividers or anything else, so in reality you might have to deduct 10-15 sheets depending on what else you have.

If the smaller ring size look out of proportion to the larger ones. It is because with the smaller rings the page offset is the same so they are harder to turn on the smaller size rings. As you get above 15mm the offset isn't so critical.

And the 25 and 30 mm ring size might be able to take slightly more than I have measured, but I've erred on the safe side of things.

Of course if use Filofax Cotton Cream Paper then it is thicker so you will have to reduce the number of sheets accordingly.


  1. Utterly useful... thanks Steve! xx

  2. This is great. So useful! Thanks.

  3. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Thanks for a really useful post, Steve.
    And spooky timing as I've been considering what ring size is best for me...

  5. Thank you Steve!
    So, after years (over 30) of trying to decide which size is best for me, I finally had an epiphany-it is perfectly alright to have more than one filofax at the same time!! I can't believe it took me so long to come to this conclusion. But, there it is.

    Since it is post Friday-I would like to share that I have been waiting for a Malden A5 purple since the beginning of November! It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow-I can hardly stand it. I guess that is the drawback of living in California! Too far from Filofax manufacturing!!