29 January 2014

Travels with my Filofax

Whilst trying to find some inspiration for writing another Philofaxy post, it occurred that it's very rare for me nowadays to go away without my Filofax. I used to instead use a small bag that I could wear across my body and would keep important documents in that. And then it got me wondering about when I have (or haven't) had a binder with me, and could I work that out using holiday photos and my memory? (hmm, is that a bit crazy to even consider it)

I purchased my first binder, a cherry personal Classic, in 2009. However, when I went away later that year to visit family in Malaysia I didn't take it with me. I don't think I even considered it, and have a suspicion I wouldn't have wanted it to get damaged in my bag as it was so new.

Our next big holiday was our honeymoon to Morocco the following year, and I am surprised that I didn't have a Filo with me by then. However, the photos have jogged my memory and I didn't take one.

In 2011, we went to Ilfracombe, Devon, for Christmas and I definitely did take my crimson personal Malden with me! I took some photos of the inside of our apartment as it was very festive with some lovely decorations, but unfortunately I couldn't spot my binder. I think this was the beginning of my holiday tradition of having a book and a Filo on my bedside table, and I've done it ever since.

In 2012, I went away for a long weekend, but didn't take my Filo as I had upgraded to the A5 size and felt that it was too big. However, I went back to personal again... and off me and my Malden went to Iceland that summer.

Last year, we went back to Malaysia again for a longer holiday and my crimson Malden was my faithful companion once again.

And my final travels (so far) finish with a long weekend last autumn to Athens with my black personal Ascot. The Ascot is a seasoned traveller anyway as it came from Germany to me in the UK, went up north for a bit, back down to me and then finally back to its original owner in Germany! 

My crimson Malden is ready for our next adventure :) 


  1. I don't travel much anymore but I really wish I'd used a filofax back when I did travel! It would have made so many things so much easier. Of course, at this point I cannot imagine going without my planner for even a few hours!

  2. I have learned that it is essential to take your Filo with you on holiday. It must contain all your addresses and other important information, in my opinion. Looks like it was another glorious day in Athens.

  3. I'm pleased I bought one of those leather travel Filofaxes, which seemed to disappear very quickly. It was perfect on holiday - loads of space for cards, money, tickets and passport, plus the notebook in the middle.

  4. What a wonderful post, Anita! Thank you :)

  5. Since I became a full time Filo user again in 2012, I have been travelling with my Filo even on holiday. Some of the things I made sure to carry, passport sized photographs, phone numbers (I always lose them while switching phones), some reference info. I feel like something is missing if I don't carry it along.

    P.s: the Malden looks so good in your pics