02 January 2015

Free For All Friday No 320

It's the first FFAF of 2015! Hooray!

Soooo, have you finalized your planner setup for this year? Your first week of work/ school/ real post-holiday life will be the true test of your system. Keep an open mind until you get through those first couple of weeks, then you can make a better decision. The beauty of a ring binder is you can change your setup any time during the year! So don't put too much pressure on yourself.

I'm pretty sure I'm settled for this year! What about you?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss/ ask anything ring-binder related.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. My system is settled, but not format. I'm currently running my long-standing GTD-based set-up in my Hampstead Personal, alongside a parallel version in my A5 Bridle.....not sure which format I'll finally go for, but the set-up is fixed.

  2. I'm on hols today so spending some time finalising my work planner for 2015. I've just started thinking on moving up to an A5 this year so will try it out for the next few weeks in my clipbook. I'm making my own diary from Philofaxy templates (just January so far in case A5 doesn't work out), my own mailmerge for contact/address book and already have A5 To-do pages.

  3. I decided back in June that I wanted to try the time management inserts from filofax uk in my A5 for 2015. I usually get the wo1p with notes (absolutely love these for my A5), month on two pages for both A5 and pocket and wo2p in cotton cream for the pocket.

    I hope the TM inserts work well. I'll know if I need to change back by February. I've watched 'One Fantastic Find's' videos on YouTube of how she uses TM inserts and they seem to work well for her. I start my new job on Monday and hope my diary will be here today. (Ordered Dec 5th and they're still not across the pond to me! I've usually updated all my calendars by now and am ready to GO...ugh!).

    But to answer your original question, I'm trying out a new format in my A5, but same system in my pocket. Though I guess my pocket will be truly all personal/home tasks and the A5 a combination of work and home. The A5 is my main planner, but the pocket is my duplicate 'on the go' and satellite purse friendly planner.

    Any tips on using the Time Management inserts for work?

  4. I am just about done with the set up for this year. Real easy - one filo at a time, using my Personal red Lizard with cotton creme week on 2 pages. Next week when I return to the office will be the test.

  5. I spent a pleasant couple of hours this morning sorting out my Personal and A5 set ups.

    I thought I had settled my set up, but I discovered a FF Personal size Cotton Cream week on two pages insert in my cupboard, so I swapped out my own printed week per page for the week on two pages insert.

    I will be doing my annual check and up date of my address/contact pages soon, I tend to do these after Christmas when we take down the cards so I can note any changes in address.

    I'm using a Quo Vadis bound diary once again for my journal, same format as the last two years.

    Then as a bit of an experiment I have a Quo Vadis Trinote bound planner. I wasn't sure what I would use this for, it seems too good to just sit on the shelf, lovely paper etc. So I'm going to use this planner to help plan our US trip this year. But I might initially use it in parallel with my A5 set up just to see how well it works etc.

  6. I'm using the DIYFish LMI 2.2 inserts in both my A5 and Personal Van Der Spek binders for 2015. I started using these inserts late last year and found them to really work well for me. I'm implementing several GTD components and have several new dividers/sections in my binders for 2015.

    1. I'd love to hear more of your setups! What parts of GTD are you using?

  7. I´m almost done (would be done if I hadn´t misplaced my 2015 diary insert). I have my Plannerisms Planner in pink for tracking all the things that I want to track, my large notepad for my work stuff (that is what I need at the moment), my personal Gillio with my diary in (when I find those pesky inserts) and some basic notes/numbers, and my Peanuts Moleskine with WO1P with notes for writing things in that I need to keep so that it can easily be filed each year :-)