30 January 2015

Free For All Friday No 324 by Laurie

This month I did something that I've probably criticized others for in the past: I bought a Filofax and turned right around and re-sold it.

It was a crimson Malden. I've been on the lookout for one ever since, well, since they were discontinued to be honest. I'd seen photos of them online and thought, wow that just looks so nice. So when I found out Anita was selling hers, I jumped at the chance to buy it.

I didn't think the Malden was going to change my life in any way. It would be a nice addition to my collection. But when I got it in my hands, I had to admit it wasn't what I expected to be. It didn't blow my socks off. To be honest I preferred my chili Cuban, and didn't see me ever actually using the Malden. So I sold it on to someone who I hope will give it the love it deserves.

Have you ever bought a Filofax, then when you had it in your hands it just wasn't what you'd hoped it would be? What did you do?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring-binder related!


  1. Yes - I had hankered after a Finchley in Imperial purple and then when I got it, the leather felt all dry and horrible and I sent it straight back. I had 2 A5 Finchley binders - the red one felt lovely and the green felt a bit waxy but the purple felt awful. I had it for about two hours...!

  2. It happened to me twice already: with the Cobalt Blue Pennybridge compact and with the Pocket Crimson Malden. Both left me underwhelmed and disappointed, and in both cases I recycled the inserts and left the binder in a drawer. I especially dislike the Pennybridge, while sometimes I take the Malden off her box and try to use it now and then, but I can't find a reason to use the Pennybridge at all.

  3. I just bought my first Filofax, a purple Malden in the personal size. For years I used my Coach planner then floundered for awhile and I must say I love my Filofax. I read about folks buying and selling or collecting and switching between them and can't imagine doing that myself. But who knows maybe that will be me someday! Right now I'm obsessed with finding the right tabs for my dividers ;)

  4. All my ring binders and planner covers are a leap of faith based on online photos and reviews. Many haven't lived up to expectations. When I can find the time and a buyer, they move on.

    The only two that were real disappointments were the red Compact Luxe and the Aqua Personal Chameleon. I loved the way both looked. But functionality and texture are hard to tell from photos.

    The Luxe Compact was skimpy on the pen space - there was no pen skinny enough to avoid crushing the inserts. I think FF would sell more Compacts if they were cut a little wider to accomodate a decent pen.

    The Chameleon seemed brighter in pictures, but dull in person - the black overwhelmed the pale aqua. I think I was expecting it to be more two-tone monochrome like they did for the Spring Green, Raspberry and Red. The Chameleon texture bothers me a little, too.

    On the other hand, I've been caught completely by surprise at how much I've loved something, too. My Bloomsbury Personal was purchased solely due to opportunity and the teal color - I knew nothing about it. It is perfect - smaller rings, two pen loops, a secretarial pocket and a generous zip pocket. And the smooth lightly padded leather is a joy to hold. If I could, I'd clone it in blue, deep red, grey and many more colors. I'm still trying to figure out what colors it came in - I think I'm hunting a coral (pinky-orange) and tomato (red-orange). I'd even buy it in black, I love it that much.

    1. My older filofaxes have their pen loops designed to carry the pen outboard, i.e. outside the edge of the cover but within the clasp closure. I note that most new models are designed to hold the pen inboard, so it is not visible if looking at the cover head-on. I think the older design was superior and more aesthetically pleasing.

  5. I bought a second-hand Carmarthen (10BCLF) which was the most expensive wallet in the range when new in 1989, but I didn't really fall in love with it and sold it to a new owner. The type of leather probably didn't keep its original texture like the other vintage models I have.

  6. I bought an ochre Malden in late 2011 or early 2012 and was totally nonplussed. I did not like the look or feel of the leather. I did not like the unstructured covers. I did not like the teeny-tiny pen loop. I sold it on ebay and the new owner, last I checked, loves it and still uses it. This makes me happy. I've sold others but usually only after a period of use and after determining that the binder is not for me, but the Malden was the only one I immediately didn't like.

  7. I thought about returning it, but it has been sitting in my nightstand drawer for a few weeks. Ooops.

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  8. I bought the Filofax compact Luxe even though it is as tall as a personal size binder. I thought that the shorter width and smaller rings would compensate for the height. The leather is nice and it has several card pockets. I just did not prefer the overall size. I probably will not use a personal or compact binder again. Since then I have been using a Franklin pocket binder. I punched holes on a personal size week insert that I bought to fit in it. I also use my week pages that I designed. The smaller size eliminates the need for me to leave my binder at home and take a separate list pad or notebook on errands.

  9. I bought a Sunflower Piazza, expecting it to be a bright zingy yellow, you know, like a sunflower... very disappointed. Someone else was looking for one so I contacted them straight away :-)


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