19 January 2015

Filofax Germany 2005-2006 Catalogue

This week we look at the Filofax Germany catalogue from 2005/6.

The content of this post is the intellectual property of Filofax Group Ltd. The scans are reproduced here with the full permission of Filofax Group Ltd.

And this catalogue is also available in higher resolution on Flickr. 


  1. Thanks Steve. I like the page layout and the style of this catalogue very much; not too cluttered. During this period I missed out on the Eton personal size, unfortunately. I've never seen one in person, but from the catalogue the black leather looks so soft.

    1. Hi Jené
      I have both a Pocket and Personal size Eton, they really are quite special. I'm not quite sure how well they would take everyday use. But I love the design and the leather is very soft.


      Both the pocket and personal have two pen loops. I will have to bring them along to the next meet up we are both at!

    2. Cheers Steve! Looking forward to it seeing them both. Hopefully there will be a London meet-up before your USA travels.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Can "photo-loaded" articles like this be shortened so that it doesn't a) take ages for the page to load, and b) mean that scrolling through an article isn't such a pain?

    I think there might be others who agree with me.....hopefully.



    1. There is a break with 'read more' but it only works if you go to say http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/ to load the site. If you go to the actual post it self it loads the whole post.


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