01 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year to you where ever you are. 2014 was a brilliant year for Philofaxy and I'm hoping that 2015 will be even better.

So a New Year now stretches out in front of us, what will happen in 2015 that was different to 2014?

Well more of the same of course....
  • There will of course be our standard posts such as Web Finds and 'Free For All' posts on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • I've still got a few more Filofax catalogues to scan in, recent years mainly, so those will continue for a few more Mondays in to the New Year. 
  • I would like to continue featuring more people on Reader Under The Spotlight, but it needs more people to volunteer or be persuaded to appear and we are a bit thin on those posts for the next few weeks at present. Please contact me at philofaxy at gmail dot com.
  • I hope more of you will come forward with guest post ideas that we can publish, these are always very popular with our readers. 
  • Reviews, yes more of those, they are always popular and we are always looking to improve the contents of them by listening to your feedback. 
  • Meet Ups, yes I will be attending some in Europe and I need to start planning one or two in UK in the Spring and Autumn. 
And what might be different.....

Well Alison and I are pleased to say we will be having a holiday this year, one that doesn't involve going to UK (which aren't holidays!) or travelling to what was our holiday home (now our home) here in France. The last true 'holiday' we had was back in 2004!! So this year... we are going to be visiting USA for the first time for both of us. 

As I type this we aren't 100% sure where we will be in the sense of precise dates, but hopefully in the coming weeks we will start to sort those out. And yes I hope to be able to meet some of our American and possibly Canadian readers during our tour around the states. I will make some announcements once our plans start to become more definite.

So an exciting year ahead.

So the Philofaxy Team would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 


  1. Happy New Year to all at Philofaxy ! Keep up the good work, you are doing a brilliant job and it is much appreciated :)

  2. Thanks for all you do for and with Philofaxy. I will watch this space, as they say, for news of your American trek -- exciting news for us Philofaxy fans over here!

  3. Happy New Year. I hope that it goes well for you. Keep up the great work!

  4. Happy New Year! Thanks to all of you who keep Philofaxy going each year. This is been a highlight for me for the last several years and I hope it continues to be for the next several! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip to the US, Steve. :)

  5. Happy New Year, everyone! I really appreciate the good work you do and wishing you all the best in 2015.

  6. Happy New Year to all. Thank you for taking the time to keep up Philofaxy which is my favority page to go to. I hope you can make it to SoCal (southern California) during your USA trip. Have fun planning it.