05 January 2015

Filofax UK Price List - 1991

This week we take a look back at the UK Filofax price list for April 1991 sent in by Jené. We do not have the UK catalogue in the archive but we do have the one for France for 1991 which you might recall from last year.

And as always you will find higher versions of these scans available on Flickr.

For a full catalogue of our scanned catalogues please see this 'Catalogue Page'


  1. The prices aren't too different than today, which surprises me 24 years later!

    1. I'm not so sure Kate! Remember that 1991 was the year that Filofax nearly went under, due to its high prices and collapsing sales! It's difficult to compare items as few are still available. Is it really fair to compare the price of a top quality 1991 British made binder/wallet with a current organiser made in the Far East to a lower specification (cheap riveted rings, thinner leather etc)?

      Leaves (inserts) can be compared. A Week to View diary was £3.68 in 1991. That's £7.30 at today's prices. The same diary for 2015 retails at £7.50.

  2. I`ve just looked up that £1 in 1991 is £2 today. So actually they were quite expensive.


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