19 February 2015

Goodbye A5 - by Anita

I love the A5 for the extra page space, but I just find it too large as my everyday binder. I don't always have my Filofax with me, but I find the personal size a perfect compromise between paper size and portability. Looking back at my previous posts, it seems that my love/hate journey with using the A5 size has been going on for some time, years actually as you can see from this post.

My personal set up has barely changed, but I added an A5 to my collection for the extra space for planning projects. In theory, this sounds like a great idea but in reality I don't think that it has ever worked properly. I think the main reasons for my A5 Filofax fail are:
  1. I set it up, fill it with notes and other useful stuff - at this point I am enthusiastic that this time it will work
  2. I don't look at it because I'm so focused on my personal sized one
  3. I bought a Filofax to help me focus and keep everything in one place. Hang on a minute...
  4. I struggle with having things in two places and don't look in the A5
  5. I consider selling the A5! 
I know that I won't be able to fit absolutely everything in personal size and I won't try to. I will keep project support materials in plastic popper wallets in a couple of magazine files that live on the bookcase next to my desk, with my Filofax on the end within easy reach. 

If I do feel that I have a genuine need to return to the A5 size, I think I will purchase a Clipbook as it will be smaller and lighter for carrying around. As I am so content with my Winchester, I also don't think I feel the need to have a nicer A5, if that makes sense? However, I am currently feeling quite happy with my one binder so have no current plans to make any changes to my system.


  1. My work planner is a clipbook, it lives open on my desk with filofax time management week to view inserts, some lined paper and a copy of my CV. it works perfectly as it only includes things like deadlines, colleagues days off and to do lists so i don't need it at home at all.

  2. I love my A5's and couldn't live without them. I have so much information to store though that I know one Filofax would never work for me. That's what I love about Filofax though, you can customise them how you want, use as few or as many as you want. It's such an individual thing. I also have a Clipbook which I adore for my writing projects, so if you do decide to go that route I highly recommend the clipbook.

  3. Good post, Anita. Ebb and flow, ebb and flow. :)

  4. I should have jumped on an A5 Boston when I had the chance... I travel enough to want to go light, while I've found the A5 size ideal for me - creatively and professionally. I write this while I pack for an overnight trip, skimping on clothes so I can fit my A5 Durham!

    What "compact" A5's has FF ever produced? Are there alternatives available in the US?

    1. I'm using the A5 Charleston at the moment. While it's not a true compact, it comes pretty close. I don't find it oversized at all.

  5. I carry my A5 equivalent with me everywhere now. It's big and heavy, but it's what I need. If I go down to a personal I'm always frustrated by the lack of space. It may be easy to carry but what's the point as it is functionally useless to me?

  6. If you sell her could you let me know? I would be interested in purchasing - she is beautiful indeed!!!!

  7. I like to use compact or pocket Filofaxes in conjunction with an A5 Flex notebook. I leave the notebook at the office.