03 February 2015

Web Finds - 3 February 2015

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Announcement - Filofax Love
  2. 365/30: February's List - Filomaniac
  3. Can you stand a slimline Filofax to look like this? - All Filo
  4. Fitness Tracker [printable] - Planner Fun
  5. Ramblings of a Planner - It's Bluetiger
  6. New Dividers - Stationery Starlet
  7. Welcome to PLANNERHOLICS - Plannerholics
  8. Look inside your planner - Susan Williams-Göbber
  9. Study Friday: using a mini filofax as a flash card organizer - The Paradox of An Organised Scientist
  10. New Planner  - Stationery Starlet
  11. DIYFish Review - The Filofax Lifestyle
  12. Loss at filofax and diary maker - The Herald
  13. Mehr Meet ups! - Filomaniac
  14. A Quick Gripe Session… - Well Planned Life
  15. Anatomy of a Planner: The Weekly Spread - Giftie Etcetera
  16. Medium fuchsia mat Gillio Mia Cara - Love All Planners
  17. Welcome - Argentum Vivum XO
  18. More Dividers - Stationery Starlet
  19. How to Fall in Love with Your Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  20. Free Printable: Day Per Page for your Filofax/Planner - Plannerholics
  21. Planner dilemma! - It's Bluetiger
  22. Week on Two Pages [printable] - Planner Fun
  23. From Chronology to the planner world. Introducing BioRhythm visual time tracker. - My Last Eureka
  24. Kalendereinlagen 2015: Valentine A5 (W2P, deutsch) - Haushalts Survival Blog
  25. Gillio Medium Mia Cara Epoca Purple: Set Up - The Viennese
  26. Filofax Love! My Planner Organization - Betties N Brimstone
  27. 365/30: Favourite Filofaxes - Filomaniac
  28. Different ways to do small projects planning - DiY Fish
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Tutorial - DIY Customising Filofax Dividers - The Desk of Adam
  2. A5 Daytimer/Filofax Planner Setup + Free Printable - Plannerholics
  3. Why I did not fall in love with My KIKKI K planner. - Stamping Songbird
  4. January Favorites 2015 // Filofax, Makeup, Fashion, Music + More! - Haley Cairo
  5. How to Make Reusable To Do Lists for Your Filofax - Alexis
  6. #BrimblesBox Stationery Box Unboxing (with Filofax Accessories) - Nickie O'Hara
  7. DIY Fish Inspired Inserts  - Plannerholics
  8. 2015 Business Toolbox Review: Analog Rules! Kate Spade Agenda, Filofax, The Day Designer - Anne Samoilov
  9. Gigliodoro Planner Setup and Review - PlannersILove
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My Week Posts
  1. My week #4 - She's Eclectic
  2. My Week 4/52 - So Joey Creates
  3. Filofax Friday Week 6 - What My Mama Gave Me
  4. Silly's tips: Matrioske Inspired_DEC14# - Lucy Wonderland 
  5. My week #146 - Paper Lovestory
  6. Week Six - Stationery Starlet
  7. My Week #5 (2015) - Joanny White
  8. Planner Pages – Week 6 - Planner Bug
  9. Month on review! - Lucy Wonderland
  10. I’ve Missed You! - Adventures in Trying to Organize my Life
  11. My Week 5/52  - So Joey Creates
  12. This weeks Planner pages - Cheeky peeking monkeys - Mrs Brimbles
  13. Weekly Post #75 - Miss Mai's Adventures
  14. Week planner 89# - Lucy Wonderland


  1. Interesting that post number 3 (Slimline Adelphi) is from October 2012! I thought maybe Steve's robot had just highlighted the wrong post but All Filo doesn't seem to have added any posts since that year!

    1. It occasionally does that, it might be that their site feed was refreshed or similar.

    2. .. and I'll bet her Adelphi still won't lie flat, two and a half years on!