18 February 2015

Guest Post - Planners and Time Management - Deborah Jane

With thanks to Deborah-Jane for the following hints and tips. 

1. Just write it down..... no you won't remember it.... just write it..

2. Remember to put the preparation time before the appointment as well as the appointment, or blocking time off for packing for the holiday, work trip etc

3. Learn to know when to say no and when to say yes...

4. If you colour code... keep the colours similar to highlighter pens so if you are caught out without relevant pen you can use your any colour/pencil and highlight with the right one later.

5. Scheduling "me time" is no less important than any other type of scheduling.... especially during the busy season and straight after...

6. The price of your planner does not reflect on how much you value your planner... How much you spend on your planner is your own business. The only person who can truly answer the question "Do I have too many planners? Is you... 

Someone's reasonably priced planner is always going to be someone else's "You spent how much?" The only person who needs to "get your planner" or why your planner means so much to you.. is you, they just need to understand it's not a spare coaster...

7. Planner fail or is it Doing fail?.... Remember the saying the best made plans of mice and men? Well it's all well and good making the best plans and then find yourself like Monica off friends spent more time planning and left little time to actually cook Ross's ex's wedding banquet.

Or you have a detail to do list and say I will start it after I have a quick look on FB,.. so next time before you say planning fail ask yourself is it planning fail or doing fail?

8. Which size of Filofax ? cut up paper to the size of the inserts.. Fill them in with your planning requirements and pick which is best for you..

9. If you are waiting for time sensitive information put a reminder a couple of days/ weeks in advance of the date so you can remind the person that you are indeed waiting for said info.

10. Looking back.. the eternal question of my planners not big enough but I don't want to carry anything larger... if week on 2 pages isn't enough room, but page a day is too daunting try 2 days on a page..
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Can you add any simple tips to the list?


  1. Being a mom I have to remember number 5 and schedule "ME" time. Great LIST!

  2. Do not expect that making dividers, notebooks, or pen loops is always cost effective. You have to buy the equipment and materials to assemble these items, and you can make too many because you want it to be worth the time and money,