06 February 2015

Free for All Friday No. 325 by Nan

Here's a question to get you started: What's the furthest you've gone to obtain a coveted Filofax?

That could mean traveling several hours, having one shipped from the far reaches of the world, or even staying up all night competing in an eBay auction. (Or, if you're having a winter like the northeastern U.S. is this year, trudging through hip-deep snow.)


  1. I have not purchased a binder in the ways you mentioned. I bought most of mine at local stationers and office supply stores. However several of those stores have permanently closed their doors. I bought my current Franklin binder after seeing it in their catalog.

  2. I typically buy through the web; the disadvantage ist, though, that you cannot fully check the product until you get it physically. This leads me to my question:
    just yesterday, I got a nice Filo in Pocket size - a unused vintage model with four rings! The leather was nice and glossy (kid leather) - a haptic pleasure. BUT: the inlays on both the front- and back-covers are not straight - they are warped (is that a good word for the German "wellig" or French "ondulé"?); I had to return it and ask for an exchange.

    Now: does the community know the material of these inlays? Is ist cardboard or plastic? Is there any means to "iron" it or get it flattened?


    1. I don't speak German and I remember very little of my high school French, but I think "warped" is a good word in the sense that you've used it. Also you made me google "haptic" before I've had coffee, which makes you a rock star. I'm sorry about your damaged pocket; nothing worse than anticipating an item and then being disappointed.

  3. I have been making some changes in my Franklin pocket binder. In it I had a small chart that detailed several home projects. I do not need to keep this information in my pocket binder. Instead I am using the objectives sheet that is included in the Filofax A5 Time Management week insert. I trimmed the past year and names of the columns off the top of the page which leaves a clean chart. I am using this chart for home projects and will keep it in my A5 binder. It is a fold out page that has room for many columns. I also repurposed a 2014 week insert for my large binder by whiting out the dates and writing in the current ones. On this insert I write information that is not in my pocket binder.