11 February 2015

One Filofax to replace them all - by Anita

Since getting my first Filofax in 2007, I've enjoyed trying out different models and sizes. Whilst I love the idea of owning multiple binders to switch into for a change or to use for different purposes, in reality this just doesn't work for me personally. I know that I have been at my most content with a sole Filofax, so I think that my return to this is long overdue.

I have recently sold nearly everything (only one to go now) and all I have felt is relief. These have all found new homes:

Following on from my last Free For All Friday post, I thought that I would share with you 'the one', my red Winchester. To be honest, I'm not sure if it's actually red or burgundy as it's nowhere as bright as the one that Josh owns.

It doesn't have any credit card slots, but I only occasionally use my Filofax as my wallet. Also, there isn't a zipped pocket, but I normally use a pencil case like this for receipts etc. anyway.  

I love how slim it is in comparison with my Malden.

Whilst I think I've always fancied a red Winchester, I wouldn't have called it my 'unicorn' as I've never tried that hard to get one. However, this one just sort of fell in my lap and I wasn't going to turn it down! I helped the lovely Hoka find a brown Dundee and she was so happy with it, that she offered this Winchester to me. As soon as I opened the packaging up, I started plotting to get rid of all the rest. 

Some lovely goodies included, thank you.  

I really enjoy finding out a little history about my binders, so was delighted when I found this in one of the pockets.

I plonked all the contents in from my Kensington, but I just fancied some different dividers. You can see what I was using previously here. I didn't want to spend any money, so had a rummage around and found some that I had already made from an old calendar. The tabs are Book Darts which I got from Amazon.  

Planner peace? Oh, yes! 

** Disclaimer: If I feel the need for an A5 for projects, I may purchase a Clipbook at a later date...


  1. Anita,
    So happy for you! In a world that claims "more is better," I love how you're rebelling.
    Hmmm, you've given me a LOT to think about!
    Please consider doing quarterly updates, as I'm sure there are others who want to see how successful having one planner works for you.
    Jane O.

    1. Thanks, Jane.
      I will do regular updates on how I'm getting on as I know that I find it useful to hear about how other people's systems/set ups are going. I am sure I will have some tweaks to do along the way.

  2. I love it Anita. This colour is Oxblood, if I'm not mistaken. I am using an Oxblood Argyll (2CLF7/8 - similar to the Winchester, but fewer pockets) for the class that I teach Tuesdays and love it's slim profile.

    Your slimline Lefax is being shown-off tomorrow at a Toronto Monthly meetup and your Slimline Tan Iguana - which is lovely - is winging it's way to Arizona.

    1. Thank you so much about the colour, Alan! That makes perfect sense to me as I was mulling over whilst writing this post about it definitely being a red, but not being quite right for burgundy either. Your Argyll sounds lovely.

      I'm glad to hear that the Lefax is getting out & I hope that you enjoy using it. I admit I was very tempted to keep the Lefax & Iguana, but with experience I've found that slimline isn't quite right for me.

  3. The Winchester looks in good condition. I am using my pocket binder and an A5 Filofax. I designed a month on two pages insert for my A5 binder and resisted buying the Filofax calendar. It is not available on some of the Filofax sites. I am designing all my pages now which will reduce spending.

    1. Yes, I consider myself lucky to get one in good condition like this & I am looking forward to using for years to come. I'm glad to hear that you're getting on well with designing your own pages.

    2. Hi Anita. If I were using a Filofax personal binder I would want one of the older models because of the leather and the pockets. I also like the darker red shade of your binder.

      On my inserts I had to design my week on two pages again for my Franklin pocket binder. I was looking for the plain Filofax personal six dividers to punch and trim for my binder. It is not easy to find them though. Anyway I already have the cotton cream dividers with names. I trimmed them and punched new holes which left the width pretty short. Then I trimmed my first set of week pages but did not do so adeptly. I had to design another set but now my pages fit behind the Diary tab.

  4. What a beautiful color. There is a Filofax Vintage group on Facebook? Oh my, I will not even go and have a look. After having purchased a few newer models, I must agree that the older models are of so much better quality. I will stick with my Personal Siena and Holborn. Your post made me realize that I could get rid of all the others.

  5. First Filofax I ever owned....and I threw it out when the popper broke *sobs*....so WISH I had kept it now!!