20 April 2015

Filofax UK 2013-14 Catalogue

Today we go back to the UK catalogue of 2013-14.

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And you can find higher resolution versions of this catalogue on Flickr.


  1. What I interesting about this period is how Filofax really diversified their collection with organisers, notebooks, iPad covers, wallets and cases. However they seemed mainly aimed at the ladies and items such as Flex and iPad covers aimed at the men. Saying this I do like the bright bold coloured organisers. Also, I remember being obsessed with the front cover image showing a 'buckle' and hoped it would be part of an organiser, alas it was not to be, as the buckle was from a briefcase :-)

  2. Apart from the obvious, I found a practical use for this catalogue. Stored in the inside flap of my A5 malden, it was the perfect size.to flatten out the curve in the leather on the front.