02 April 2015

Other Brands of Ring Bound Organisers.

It is nearly two and a half years since we last published this list, a lot has changed in that time. Some brands have stopped selling ring bound organisers, there are a few new brands on the scene too.

At Philofaxy we are happy to deal with any brand of ring bound organiser, so please don't feel left out if you own a brand other than Filofax.

So what other brands of ring bound organisers are there? So firstly thank you to everyone who contributed to compiling the list below. I wouldn't be so brave to call it a definitive list, but hopefully we will cover as many of the well known brands as possible.

Please note that I have carried out no checks on page sizes or hole spacing for any of these listed, if you want to use Filofax inserts in any of these, please check with the supplier before you purchase them.
If you know of others, please add them in to the comments including the main manufacturers website and I will up date the list from time to time. 


  1. Kate Spade, Websters Pages :)

    1. Kate Spade no longer show organisers on their website. I did look.

  2. Wow Steve thanks for this extensive list! There are a lot on here I've never heard of. I'll have to go check them out, at the risk of my bank account! ;)

  3. does someone know what is that planner? it looks like Malden!

  4. Great list, Steve.....Thanks!

    Probably only knew of about 5-6 of these before......


  5. Thanks for this list. Checking them out will be my guilty pleasure today.

  6. Thanks for this list. Checking them out will be my guilty pleasure today.

  7. I remember the last list. It's definitely gotten longer. I haven't heard of most of those and now I'm curious.

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  9. Kikki K, I think? I really want one of those, but I don't know if they're a sub brand.

    I was admiring a Chanel organiser at the weekend as well, but I don't know if that was new or a few years old.

  10. Pineider makes nice planners.

  11. I've just come across Kalpa: http://www.kalpa.nl/