07 April 2015

Web Finds - 7 April 2015

Write At Home So I hope you have had a good Easter weekend.

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So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. The Most Productive People Know Who to Ignore - HBR
  2. A is for… Appointments - Planning with Printed Portal
  3. Malden & Coffee :) !!! - Art of Memories
  4. Week 1 in the pocket - Random Pastimes of a Restless Mind
  5. B is for…. Bridesmaids - Planning with Printed Portal
  6. 8 Smart Things Super-Productive People Do Each Morning - Inc
  7. Using Filofaxes As Journals - My Journey - Kent From Oz
  8. Gillio meet-up 2015 - Random Pastimes of a Restless Mind
  9. C is for… Cake - Planning with Printed Portal
  10. My new Filofax Holborn !!! Loooove… - Art of Memories
  11. Feature Friday | Christie and Her Lovely Kate Spade Wellesley Agennda - Happie Scrappie
  12. New Item! Handmade Chevron Dividers for the Personal Size - Filofax Love
  13. My planner stack - Love All Planners
  14. D is for… Dress - Planning with Printed Portal
  15. REVIEW: Personal Buckingham - Random Pastimes of a Restless Mind
  16. Setting up my butterfly - Stationery Starlet
  17. New Week on 2 Pages [printable] - Planner Fun
  18. 5 Tips to Keep Focus on Your BIG Goal - Time Management Ninja
  19. 3 Easy Ways to Use Blank Paper in a Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  20. E is for… Entertainment - Planning with Printed Portal
  21. RINGS RINGS or The Ring Removal Song - Kent From Oz
  22. Still in the Holborn... - Paper Pens Ink
  23. Using Page Flags in Your Planner : 4 ways to use them -The Paradox of the Organized Scientist
  24. Filling my planner with smiles - Stationery Starlet
  25. GTD Saved My Son - GTD
  26. F is for… Flowers - Planning with Printed Portal
  27. Beautiful White Personal Sized Pineider - This Bug's Life
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. How To Use A Filofax As A Journal - Part 1 - Kent From Oz
  2. Filofax|Setup Fedi - DIYGirls
  3. ♥ Filofax Divider machen ♥ | Trennblätter | Vintage | Shabby Chic - Simply Jessy
  4. How To Use A Filofax As A Journal - Part 2 - Kent From Oz
  5. Louis Vuitton Damier Azur PM Agenda and Filofax Personal Planners, April 2015 - Nicole Ferland
  6. Déco Filofax Domino Patent A5 - Fée Bricoleuse
  7. Filofax Saffiano Compact Size Organizer Review - Ruby Dumbrique
  8. April 2015 Filofax Pocket Set-up - UK Planner Bird
  9. Filofax Pennybridge Compact : personalizzazione - Virginia Agostini
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My Week Posts
  1. Month in Review - March 2015 - My Purpley Life
  2. Filofax Friday Week 15! - What My Mama Gave Me
  3. Week Fourteen - Stationery Starlet
  4. My Monthly Decorated Pages // March - Hey Charlie
  5. My week #155 - Paper Lovestory
  6. Week Fifteen - Stationery Starlet
  7. Sweet, Sweet Bunnies! - This Weeks Pages - Mrs Brimbles
  8. My Week #14 (2015) - Joanny White
  9. My week #13 - She's Eclectic
  10. This Weeks Decorated Pages // Week 15 - Hey Charlie


  1. The video from UK Planner Bird is fantastic. A wonderful, no frills planner.

  2. And maybe I am nit-picky but perhaps Harvard Business Review meant "Whom to ignore."

    1. May be, but we don't alter the titles, sometimes shorten the really really really long ones!

    2. Steve, I wasn't faulting you. I thought with a name like "Harvard" perhaps they could do better.