09 April 2015

A6 Diary Inserts for you to print and use

With an increasing number of people buying Van der Spek A6 size (Senior) organisers and Gillio recently announcing their prototype A6 size organiser at the meet up a couple of weekends ago, it was time to start thinking about inserts for this size of organiser. Not that I own one myself... yet!

Van der Spek Senior and Mulberry Agenda.
Thank you to Yvonne for the photo.
So firstly our existing inserts for A4/A5 will scale down to A6 by scaling the files by 50% when you print them and I've shown the results of this in a previous post. Yes it works but the resultant print outs wouldn't be easy to use because the line heights are reduced by 70% compared to the A5 pages.

So after a bit of thinking and trying out a few different options I've adapted some of our Personal size inserts to A6 size. Why? Well Personal size is fairly close to A6 in terms of page size, slightly taller but narrower, so in terms of line spacing it should be fairly close.

These files will be subject to tweaks and changes as people give us feedback on the layouts and the design, we will try to incorporate as many of these details as we can. I will also continue to create additional designs as time allows.

Thank you to Ray Blake for his continued help and support behind the scenes in the creation and maintaining our growing library of inserts.

Creative Commons License

This work by Philofaxy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Please download, adapt, use, share, but don't charge or use commercially.

So here is what we have so far:

A6 Inserts for 2019
  1. Day per page - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  2. Day on two pages - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  3. Two days per page (Lined) - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  4. Two days per page - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  5. Week per page - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  6. Week view - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  7. Week view (vertical layout) - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  8. Week plus Notes - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  9. Week plus Tasks - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  10. Week plus Tasks sub-divided Days - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  11. Enhanced Time Management Week View - Word, PDF Source (Word Excel), Preview
  12. Enhanced Time Management Week View V2 - Word, PDF Source (Word Excel), Preview
  13. Enhanced Time Management Week View V2a - Word, PDF Source (Word Excel), Preview
  14. Month per page - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  15. Month on two pages - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  16. Month on two pages (Horizontal format) - Word, PDF, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  17. 2019 Year planner - Word 2019 PDF 2019, Source (Word Excel), Preview
  18. 2019 Year planner (vertical format) .docx .pdf Source(Word Excel) Preview
  19. 2019 Year Calendar .doc .pdf Preview
You can download and print finished versions for this year from our diary inserts page
All of these files are in A4 format and all should be printed on to A6 size paper as detailed in the previous post. There is one exception to this and that is the Year Planner, this should be printed on to A5 paper at 70% scale and then Z folded to fit in to A6.

If you wish to use the source files you will need both the Word and the Excel file for the relevant insert.

Remember you are free to download these files, modify them, share them, but not sell them in any shape or form.

Naturally you will need a paper punch and this one has a middle setting that is the correct spacing for A6 organisers.


  1. I'm soooooo happy these are available now!! I'll looked everywhere for them when I bought my VDS but always felt like A6 was substandard because the inserts were hard to find. Now I love my VDS and Mulberry even more!! Thank you very much for all the hard work to make this happen!!!

  2. Thank you for making this available!

  3. Steve, I may have a 'donation' to the A6 WO2P pot if you want. Give me a few days to tidy it up and then I'll send it to you if you want?

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Yes please, I just gathered together options for most layouts as you can see. I'm sure there are plenty of other ways of doing a WO2P layout.
      Please email me your files.

  4. OH, THANK YOU! These will be so much easier to work with, as my printer has a setting for A6.
    Personal size required too much fiddling, and of course, I can never remember what and how I did things. Yeah, yeah...I should have written it down in my planner. Now I don't have too. My lazy heart is jumping for joy. Thank you, thank you.

  5. I'm so excited that your great contributions can help me and others to scale down from difficult to manage personal format to the easier und also lighter EDC version. Thanks a million dear Steve, Ray and also Amanda for your much welcomed hard work and fantastic input.

    1. Ooh - thank you but I'm not sure I should be in the same sentence as Ray and Steve!! They are the ones who do all the work!

  6. I had no idea A6 was so popular. I don't even really know what it is. I looked it up and it looks like it's a bit taller than personal and a bit wider? What's the appeal?

    1. No it is shorter than personal 148 instead of 171 but wider 105 instead of 95 mm So much squarer. More conventional in proportions

    2. Roughly 4"x6". I'm thinking of the Scotch Laminating pouches. I think they are that size.
      The Rapesco 6-hole punch is also 6" so now no more guessing to get the spacing correct. Can't wait to start playing with these.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Do you offer any of these great printables in an undated or even updated form? I've been looking for something just like this!

    1. Look on the Diary Inserts Page for the current year.