21 April 2015

Free For All Tuesday No. 220


  1. Quiet on here today...
    Okay, I'll ask something - I noticed a while back that the small 3x5" index cards are a great fit in a pocket filofax. I use a pocket with 3x5 index cards in it as a scene-card holder when I'm writing - the scenes are outlined on the index cards and it means I can flick through them to check facts.
    Does anyone else use index cards in a pocket filofax?

  2. FTR, the FF inserts are slightly off 3x5 but the Davinci/Tomoe River paper ones are exactly the same size (I use both & I find Davinci inserts mix with FF ones no problem).This does mean that if you need a way to store pocket size inserts (to archive or for spare sheets) all the various cheap 3x5 index card filing boxes etc at your local stationery place can be used.



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