31 July 2015

Free For All Friday - No. 350 by Steve

Packed and ready to return home!
So we got back home on Monday after our 7 week epic tour of North America and Canada. This week has been about catching up on things as you always do when you return home from a trip away.

The holiday was brilliant, but it was nice to get home and to get my organiser out of my bag and put it back on my desk and have it open and ready to start work again.

My list of things to get done has been growing as the week has progressed. And the pile of things to be put away has been slowly diminishing!

I have several posts planned for the coming weeks.

As always as this is a Friday please feel free to be able to discuss anything Filofax or similar ring bound planner related.

Have a good weekend... oh and don't forget we have a Philofaxy Skype Roundtable on Sunday on Skype.


  1. Where do people send there old (and cheap) Filofaxes when they are out of space?

    As I was gathering interest in diarys I bought a few cheep ones to try out ideas (think £5 on eBay plastic types). These have all been upgraded and no longer have a use. They are marked and scuffed so I can't imagine anyone (apart from someone totally new and not really bothered about condition) wanting to buy them. So what are my other options for moving these on and getting them a useful home?

    1. I use any "extra" binders for archiving used pages, I also have one storing unused, new pages.

    2. You can put a call out on Social Media and/or Steve's AdSpot here on Philofaxy. I have often offered things free, asking the takers to pay for my shipping costs. Someone seems to always want them.