10 July 2015

Free For All Friday No. 347 by Anita

For quite some time now, I have been using my personal Winchester as my main binder, with my A5 Hamilton for planning projects and for when I need more space. As a theory, it makes perfect sense to me, but if I'm honest it really isn't working as my poor A5 gets ignored as I always reach for my Winchester.

I recently came across the One Book July challenge and I suppose it really resonated with how I'm feeling about using a binder right now - one binder, one pen and to just get on with it:

After processing my notes in my A5, I will be putting it away & will be setting a deadline to see if I miss it. I will be writing another post as a follow up on how my system evolves as there are some changes on the way which I am looking forward to trying out.

Have you been taking part in the One Book July challenge?

As this is Friday, you are of course free to discuss anything Filofax or other brands of ring bound organiser related topics,
Have a great weekend.


  1. I am shading certain dates on one section of my month and week insert in my pocket binder with pencils and highlighters. It brings attention to those days. As you are shelving your A5 binder I am thinking of designing my pocket insert in the A5 size on the computer. I do not write finances in my pocket binder. I keep that information in my Filofax A5 binder. After this year I may just use one large insert for everything in the A5 one and keep it at home. In this case for portability I would input appointments and other notations in technology. I do not prefer to have separate calendars. I will use my pocket binder and insert this year since I drew the format.

  2. My Filofax should be re-titled "Book Of Many Addictions". #1 I'm an admitted binder swapper. #2 At least 2 pens. #3 Stickers. #4+ Keeping mum on the others.
    Since I'm late to the 1 Binder, 1 Pen Challenge, I'll aim to go through August. So, tweaking the challenge a little,1 book (Raspberry Saffiano) + 2 pens (Blue/Black Frixion and a Fuchia for tick marks, doodling, and emergent tasks. Gotta have my little endorphin rush or I'll never make it through.) Betting my system will make it through. This will be an interesting time for all of us. looking forward to hear how and what you've done.

  3. One Book July doesn't mean you have to stop using everything else, so if you use your A5 for a distinct purpose which your personal can't do, keep using it. But if you think it's a good challenge for you and it won't disrupt a system which is already working, do it. But please, Anita, don't sell your A5! I know how you are a minimalist, but make sure you keep your A5 if you love the binder itself, because I know that if you sell it you'll just buy another one soon! :)

  4. I'm doing One Book July, however not in a binder, I'm using a fauxdori, which is working for me fantastically.
    In September, I'm going back to university, so I'll see how my planner needs change, but I may be moving back to a binder then, which will be a Van Der Spek A6 size.
    Besides the planner, I still use A5 binders for many of my needs, including several academic notebooks, my main binder which serves as my notebook and workbook, and a binder which stores my novel scribbles. :)

  5. One pen only? THAT will be way too hard! How about the same color ink?