20 July 2015

Philofaxy Mini-meet up - Chicago July 2015

So after LA we spent some time in Yosemite National Park and then continued to San Francisco for a busy weekend of sight seeing and climbing mountains... sorry I mean the hills of San Francisco!!

Chicago was our next stop-over point for a brief mid-week stay. I always knew this meet up might be difficult for some people, but in the end it was just three of us including Alison and myself. But it didn't matter. We got to meet Sandra who I've 'known' now for a few years so it was lovely to meet face to face at long last.

Even though it was just a few of us, between Sandra and myself we had quite a varied collection of organisers with us. Sandra had her daily us Cavendish, but also things like a black Belmont, a Brindle and a few other treasures.

Here is the mini 'collection' I've been hauling around in the middle layer of my suitcase sandwiched between soft clothes either side.

Top Row L-R VDS Touch Me (Standard), Gillio Mia Cara, Gillio Giramondo, Filofax Ereader sleeve
Bottom Row L-R VDS Touch Me (Senior), VDS Custom Standard, VDS Custom A5, Filofax Malden Wallet

The three of us enjoyed a very simple meal and lots of discussion about all manner of things, not just planners!

Thank you to Sandra for extending her work day to meet up with Alison and I.

Next stop.... Toronto, Canada.


  1. I bet Sandra was intriguing as well! Good that you both finally met!

  2. I love Sandra's sense of humour! (Steve told us in Toronto how nice the meetup was in Chitown!)

  3. It speaks volumes that of your 8 carefully selected organisers, not one is a Filofax ring binder...

    1. Got a good look through the ""collection" at the L.A. meet-up. As Steve reminded us, the binders are just accessories; although beautiful, it's the planner system that counts. Love to peek into other's systems. There's always so much to learn.

    2. That is so very true. Forget the search for unicorns, new flourescent coloured leathers and the perfect planner and use what you've almost certainly already got to lead a more contented and organised life.