27 July 2015

Thinking about pages sizes - by Anita

Since getting my first Filofax in 2009, I have been pretty faithful to using the personal size. I had a brief trial of using A5 as my sole binder, but whilst I love the page size I found that the binder itself was just too large to carry around. Personal is the best fit for me in terms of page size and portability. However, I do feel that whilst its narrow insert width is perfect for making lists, it's never felt quite right for me for writing more extensive notes or for planning projects. 

Up until recently I have been using two binders together - a personal as my main extended brain, with an A5 for planning. Whilst on paper (bad pun, sorry) this sounds perfect, I have finally admitted that using two binders at once isn't for me. I originally purchased a Filofax as I was using multiple notebooks and wanted to have everything in one place. Sorry Mr Hamilton, but you will be finding a new home soon!

During a conversation on Facebook, it occurred to me that the A6 paper size might be perfect as somehow the wider but shorter dimensions seem better for writing notes, and look more 'right' as it's a quarter of the A4 size (which folk in the UK are more used to).   

L to R: personal, A6 and pocket
Whilst I still love my oxblood Winchester, I admit at this point I started looking at custom Van der Speks in the Senior size. However, I feel very fortunate due to the following train of events:
  • I was given a vintage Mulberry Agenda by a relative's neighbour, but she didn't want anything for it as it wasn't in the best condition
  • At the time, I couldn't imagine changing planner size so gave it to the lovely Jane
  • She found that it was too small for her and was considering asking if I wanted it back
  • She read my post on Facebook, and after a holiday in the US it is back home with me
  • I remembered that my KW-Trio hole punch also does Agenda size. 
I will be writing some follow up posts about the Mulberry, my set up and how I find being back in just the one binder.


  1. I am a great appreciator of the a6 paper size. And I have never been the same since Zeitgeist of Zoe posted about her custom VDS Senior size binder in Cuoio. I have used for several years a6 notebooks and they are so handy in terms of carrying them around and writing space is ideal for quick note- taking. I will certainly keep a keen eye on your experiment!

  2. When I saw the link to this in the FB group, I thought for sure that this would have been written by Steve! At the Toronto Meetup 9 days ago, Steve was making similar comments about his preference for the A6 format.

    From my perspective, the extra width of A6 would make the slimline no fit in my jacket pocket and A7 would be simply too small. B7? That might be interesting!

    1. Hi, Alan,
      B7 would be 88x125 mm, which is the same width and just 5 mm less in height than a Pocket Moleskine book... In his Youtube videos I have seen that Kent from Oz uses these pages in his Filofax pocket Malden - maybe this is an idea for you, too? Totally agree with you on A7 -> much to small for decent writing.

  3. Alan, I thought the same!!! This post had to have been written by Steve after Toronto!! Anita, great post!! I was. Pocket user for many many years. My green Kensington was literally falling apart at the clasp widen I finally replaced it with another pocket. The Personal size did not enter my life until three years ago when I received a green Tejus. I do not think I will ever go A6. I don't want to be searching for paper to fit or printing/trimming my own.

  4. The Mulberry agenda may be the solution for you because of the wider pages. I do not prefer the personal or compact binder; hence I use a Franklin pocket binder. Switching binders or inserts can cause some disruption though as far as having different holes and sized pages with dissimilar formats. I have bought more than one insert for the year and had some months of one layout and the remaining months of another one.