29 July 2015

Guest Post - My Filofax Journey - Joanny White

Thank you to Joanny for this guest post. 

Hello lovely people,

My name is Joanny, I blog over at Joannywhite.co.uk and today, I will be sharing with you my Filofax story.

Over a year ago, I had no idea what a Filofax was. I have always silently loved planners and stationery but I didn't think there were any others out there who understood this obsession of mine. I have always used planners in school and my college planner was one of my most valued possessions. 

I soon stumbled across a thread on a student forum called "The stationery and organisation thread" where I found like minded people like me who loved stationery too. That day, it felt like I had found my long lost family. 

Then a few weeks later, I noticed people talking about their Filofaxes and I had absolutely no idea what they were on about. One girl was in a dilemma as she got nail varnish on her Metropol and was asking for advice on how to get rid of it. Then I finally mustered up the courage to ask what a Filofax was and not only did they explain to me what this beautiful thing was, they also directed me to another thread called the "Filofax Appreciation Thread" and that's how everything started.

On this thread, I was able to see photos of other people's Filofaxes and one of the ones that spoke to me was a photo of decorated week on two pages in a Personal Classic. My mind could not fathom all the prettiness I was looking at. The coloured pens, sticky notes, stickers and washi tape? What on earth was washi tape? I didn't know what this was but I needed to get it somehow. From this thread, I started reading blog posts  about Filofax set ups and a quick search for "Filofax" on YouTube was the icing on the cake. I watched one video after the other and that was when I realised there were different types of Filofaxes too? How was I supposed to make a choice now?

In one day, I discovered all the different types I could possibly find but I really loved the Saffiano so after watching loads of Saffiano unboxings and set up videos, I got loads of ideas and made a plan of how my set up would be and then I finally got my first Filofax in June 2014 from Ryman. A personal Saffiano in aqua with a free pen.

My set up has changed twice since I bought it but it is still working for me now.

You can read about my very first set up here and my current set up here.

A few months into my Filofax journey, I started thinking about getting another one but the truth is I'm not a multiple Filofax girl. I can only use one at a time for now. But I stumbled across a mini Metropol for sale in Ryman and I didn't think twice before picking it up.
I now use it as my wallet.

You can read about my set up here.

So it's been over a year now and never ever have I regretted that decision. I find that writing things down helps me remember and I love the idea of having all my lists, planner, tasks, appointments all together in one book. Having a Filofax has also brought out the creativity in me. A part of me I never knew I had. I was also pleased to discover a whole community out here made of planner enthusiasts. It's amazing to connect with like minded people.

I am still enjoying using my two Filos but I will be off to uni soon and I am search of the perfect compact Filo because I think a pocket size would be too small for me and a personal size just a bit big. In other words, my Filofax journey still continues.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my Filofax journey.

Thank you Joanny, if you have a similar guest post you would like to share with our readers, please contact philofaxy at gmail dot com


  1. Oh Joanny, welcome to our mutual obsession. :-). I was a diehard one-filofaxnewsday girl for almost 15 years when I found this blog and life/fill has never been the same since!

    1. Haha it almost feels as if you have been living in the dark and then someone opens your eyes all of a sudden. It's such a lovely communi

  2. Too cute. I recently purchased a Pocket Finsbury to replace my wallet and am having so much fun setting it up. Enjoy your bit of sickness. ;

    1. Auto-correct strikes again. That's supposed to be "pinkness".

    2. Auto-correct strikes again. That's supposed to be "pinkness".

    3. Aww thanks Carla. Good to know you are loving your Finny :)

  3. Too cute. I recently purchased a Pocket Finsbury to replace my wallet and am having so much fun setting it up. Enjoy your bit of sickness. ;