08 July 2015

Philofaxy Meet Up - Los Angeles

After we left Denver last Monday we travelled to Las Vegas, what a crazy place that is, way too hot for my liking, and very brash and 'in your face' on the strip. We did manage to find a comfortable hotel to retreat to, that wasn't part of a casino nor did it have slot machines everywhere! The main reason for staying in Vegas was to visit the Grand Canyon, what an awesome experience that was, with a helicopter trip down in to the valley and then back again after a brief trip on a boat.

On Thursday we arrived in a much cooler (than Las Vegas) Los Angeles and picked up a compact hire car for our next week. My first taste of driving in USA was 'interesting' Not too bad though, I'm used to driving left hand drive cars... the same as France so that wasn't too much a shock. Just the style of driving here in LA... a topic for another day!

Today Sunday was the day of the LA meet up organised by the lovely Jennifer (My Purpley Life) without her it wouldn't have been the huge success that it was. The event was named Planner Palooza,  open to people of all interests in paper planners no matter how it was held together or covered. Essentially... just pen and paper.

We started off in the Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena, everyone was seated when we arrived a few minutes late, they were all busy chatting when we appeared, it took a few moments for us to be recognised, but when they did we got quite a welcome and were shown to our named seats in the middle of the table!

So many familiar faces, some I had chatted with on Skype but so many people who's name was familiar and it took me a little while to sort out who was who, knowing how bad my memory is for names. But it was just wonderful to talk with everyone whilst we enjoyed an 'English afternoon tea'

The lemonade was very tangy and thirst quenching.  The scones just melted in your mouth.. with a little cream as well of course...
'Another one Steve?' 
'Oh I don't mind if I do....well it would have been rude not to.?' 
So tea and lots of chatting and laughter, what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Then I was floored... Rebecca gave a little speech and presented me with a small package that was an appreciation of everything I did.  Inside the carefully wrapped parcel was a 1923 Lefax Radio Handbook in beautiful condition. Wow... I can't say how shocked and surprised I was then. Totally 'gobsmacked' at everyones kind words in the card. So a blog post will be coming up on this Lefax.

As a former radio engineer of over 35 years in a career spanning since I left school, radio and its history has always been an interest of mine.

Thank you to everyone, you don't know how much I appreciate this wonderful gesture of kindness.

We had some photos in the tea room, thank you to Alison for taking so many photos...

We then headed off to Vromans across town for the second half of our afternoon.

Again Jennifer had organised all of the this part of the event which got everyone thinking and contributing to a wonderful afternoon, there was plenty of time for everyone to socialise and do fun things too.

We got to discuss the different types of planners available, not just ring-bound planners and people exchanged and shared views on all the different types.

I got to give a brief over view of everything Philofaxy and share some of the fun moments with the audience.

Of course all good things have to come to an end at some time. So we just had time to line up our organisers for a photo call before we said our farewells and travelled home again.

Alison and I would both like to say a big thank you to everyone that came along, some of you had travelled considerable distances and we both appreciate all the time and efforts you had gone to to make us both feel so welcome.

A thank you again to Jennifer for doing all the arrangements.


  1. Wow! What a large and lovely meet-up!

  2. Sorry I missed this! Will make it next time.

  3. Thank you to Jennifer and Vienna for putting this together, and to Steve and Allison for joining us. It was a lovely day. Hope to see you all next time around.
    Steve, I'd characterize our driving style as "frenetic." (giggles)

  4. As an Englishman, what did you have to say about the 'English' afternoon tea, Steve?


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